How to find your blogging purpose


This past week in the Facebook Group, we’ve been chatting about personal growth and what the END of the year and the BEGINNING of next year looks like.

We totally skipped ahead and cheated, but only because of this visualization exercise below. Once you complete it, you’ll have a tool for creating your own word cloud.

I’m not normally this philosophical, but I love this visualization exercise because it reminds me of why I do what I do, and makes all those little tasks and even those big tasks way more enjoyable.

Are you ready?

Complete this Visualization Exercise


Where are you heading this year?

What is your biggest goal?

For this exercise, I want you to decide where you WILL be in a yearand believe it has already happened.

You are there. It’s this month next year and you’re there with your goal completely smashed!!

Close your eyes and visualize that it’s true

Now, Write it down, say it out loud.

Or do like Karen did in our group this week, and re-write your entire landing page (or about me page) for your future use but based on your assumed accomplishments.

Make sure to write down what this looks like in words and sentences like:

“I have ”

“I am ”

“I did ”

“I do “

Congrats, You’ve made it!

Now, have a chat with yourself about how you feel now that you have completed your goal.

Are you thrilled, happy, feeling fulfilled?

I know this is just a visualization, but you must believe it’s true for it to work.

Believe that it is true!

To make the most progress you can this year, you must believe that you’ve already made it to your destination. That all of your hopes for the year have come true. Not that they will come true.
That it’s already done.

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Create a word cloud:

You can now take what you’ve written about your achievements and create a word cloud like our below but of your very own >> Here

So . . What are you thinking right now? “Kayla’s Crazy!” haha

Mindset is more important than you think

In all seriousness, mindset is SO important, and knowing your purpose and your daily why is also very important.

I can’t tell you what your personal purpose is and I can’t tell you whether your goals are achievable, but many people have a single familiar purpose that sounds something like this..

“I want to be happy”.

For you, there may be some intrinsic and extrinsic goals attached to being happy. But, if your purpose is to feel fulfilled in your work and be happy, Then that feeling you just got from visualizing the goal being achieved is your purpose and makes it completely and utterly achievable, today.

All you have to do is tell yourself it’s done and believe that you can and did do it.

Your purpose IS to simply feel fulfilled and understand your why.


Understand your why

Having this feeling of achieving your goal makes it more doable than wishing and hoping for it.

“Being fulfilled in the journey
is just as important as being fulfilled
after achieving the goal.”
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Let me say that again…. The goal you have for this year, or even the next decade is most likely not your WHY. Your goal is most likely only a result of your WHY.

If for some reason you can’t make the connection of your personal fulfillment with your chosen goal for 2017, then you may need to do some deeper thinking about your purpose and the reason why you do what you do.

I would love it if you joined me this year and attacked the rest of our to-do lists for the year with this exact mind set.

We’ve already made it!

Just like you, I am fulfilling my purpose through Ivorymix. I am living a creative life, making and writing, while also giving back to an artistic community of makers and dreamers.
So, go out there and enjoy the fruits of your labor because the results are already available to you.