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16 Questions to help you find clarity in your life as a content creator

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How I Journal for Mental Clarity as a Content Creator (very simple)

Do you ever find as a content creator that your thoughts, your plans, your priorities, and your mind in general is just sort of cluttered with many different things? Me too!

I happen to have a process and a list of questions that I often go through to help myself find more focus and more clarity. In the post, I am going to encourage you to go ahead and pull out a journal of some kind and journal with me. Whether it’s digital or physical, you’ll go through this blog post and video as a way of asking yourself some questions and journaling your thoughts on them so that by the end of the video you should have more clarity and are ready to move on with more focus.

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16 journal questions for clarity as a content creator this year:

Pull out your journal or notebook (or maybe your google doc), feel free as we’re going through these journal questions and general prompts to pause and make notes in your journal and to really think about the questions.

1. What would make me happy right now?

This question can be really eye-opening and really bring forward your true priorities and the things that you’re thinking about most. You don’t need to figure out how you’re going to get these things right now, but it will bring to light where your priorities are. This question is a good place to start.

16 Questions to help you find clarity in life as a content creator

2. What’s draining your energy?

What are the things that I like to call your “energy suckers” or those “energy vampires”? These things can really drain your motivation and your energy and really might need to be looked at to see how we can change them. For now we just want to know what might be draining your energy so that we have a good picture of where you’re at right now and where you want to be.

3. What do you want to learn more about?

What has got your curiosity lately and what are you constantly thinking about but you haven’t had enough time to research or dedicate enough time to learning more about?

What could you be focusing on in the future? Remember, you don’t need to make a plan right this second of how you’re going to learn more about it. You just need to make a note of what you want to learn more about because you can use this information going forward into your planning for the future. 

For now we just want to ruminate and think about what it is we want to learn more about.

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4. What do you want to teach more about?

What is important to your audience? When we are content creators, one of the ways to come up with new ideas for content is to think about things that our audience or community is always asking about. Make a list or a journal about what you are constantly asked about. It might give you an idea of what you can write about for future content.

5. Who are three people you admire and why?

You don’t have to know these people. Perhaps they are authors, influencers, or YouTube content creators. They may be a relative or friend of yours. The importance of this is not exactly who you admire but really why you admire them, what are the features of that person that really makes you admire them.

In this journal entry, you will highlight the qualities that you value in other people, and you will highlight things that you may want to work on or improve in the future. Often, you want to demonstrate more of what you value in other people. Using this method could be extremely helpful for you to gain clarity in that area. However, you may also want to reflect on how you already demonstrate these traits in your daily life.

6. How are you already demonstrating those traits you like in other people? 

As you journal and gain self-discovery, you may find that you embody things you admire in others, but in your own way. 

7. How do you define success?

Sometimes, when we’re so busy in our daily routines and lives, we forget to look around and see what we’ve accomplished. Our sense of joy increases when we acknowledge our achievements and take a moment to recognize them. To do that, you must establish what success really feels like to you.

Are you truly successful when you cross everything off your to-do list, or are you successful when you pay attention to the things you really want to do?

Success is not about what you check off a list, but rather what you define it as!

8. What does self-care look like for you?

Self-care is sometimes as simple as a five-minute nap, or maybe for you it’s sitting on your back porch listening to the birds chirp. Other times, self-care is taking an entire day off.

For me, I wash my face at night and care for my skin. Understanding what self-care looks like for you will help you come up with routines, or things that you can do to better care for yourself when you’re feeling like you need to. Moreover, take care of yourself before you feel like you need to because we should often take care of ourselves before the need arises.

16 Questions to help you find clarity in life as a content creator

9. What accomplishments are you proud of from the last month or the last year? 

You might choose to do these journal prompts once a year, or you may come back to this regularly, like once a month. Choose whichever you want to reflect on at this time but do take some time to write down what you’re most proud of in your recent accomplishments.

10. What is a short-term goal that you are certain to achieve?

As soon as you have completed question 9, take some time to write down a short-term goal you are certain you can achieve for yourself. There are times when we lose interest in bigger goals because they may not happen for a while. We may become overwhelmed or it’s just taking too long, which is why it’s better to create some shorter term goals that you know you can achieve.

This way, you can feel the sense of achievement because it’s more certain to get done. I think it’s important to have a sense of accomplishment, no matter how small, because it helps sustain and maintain motivation.  

As you work on achieving your big goal, take some time to write down some shorter term goals that you know you can accomplish. It will make you feel much better when you achieve them, especially if you list them as short-term goals and check them off one by one as you go.

11. What does my ideal day look like?

Think about what an ideal day would look like for you. Where are you, who are you with, and what are you doing during your ideal day? This exercise is going to paint a picture of what your priorities are and how different they might be from the way you’re currently living and the way you’re currently working.

By doing so, you can establish some goals and set some priorities that you hadn’t previously considered. Despite creating my own schedule and working for myself as a content creator, I found I was actually working much more than I wanted to – even though I had created my own schedule. 

By taking some time and establishing what my ideal day looked like, and then working my priorities and responsibilities around that, I greatly improved my overall happiness and enjoyment throughout the day.

16 Questions to help you find clarity in life as a content creator

12. What is my ideal follower and client like? Who do I enjoy helping most?

Want to be happier with your day-to-day work? Write out what your ideal follower or client is like!

When it comes to helping others, who do you enjoy most? How would you describe that person? 

Your content will become clearer when you know who you’re targeting, and it will help you clarify who you want to attract to your social media, to your business, or as pay clients. 

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13. What can I declutter physically, emotionally, or from my current routine to find more ease and simplicity?

When we repeat the same tasks over and over again, we sometimes don’t realize that there are easier ways. Instead of always following the same routines, sometimes we should be looking at ways to eliminate unnecessary parts of that routine. It could also be that certain parts of your routine don’t bring you joy anymore. 

Reflecting on what we experience on a daily basis, whether it’s physical, emotional, or a part of your daily routine, is crucial.

For instance, perhaps there are things in your life physically or around you day-to-day that are causing you discomfort.

For example, I recently reorganized my office that I sit in a few times a week. I decluttered some of the artwork that I had on the walls. My office was always kept clean, but with a simple removal of a few things, I found that it improved my focus and helped me work a little more clearly throughout the day.

You’ll have less mental clutter by having less physical clutter around.

14. What can you do to master your craft?

Each of us has a skill set or a particular career focus and something we’re really good at.

I consider that to be your craft: the thing that you are excellent at and that you excel at. Even though you’re an expert, we could all use room for improvement in order to master that within our industry.

Take some time to reflect on what you can do to help master your craft and really become an expert in what you do.

15. What are 2-3 things from the list you can accomplish this year?

This is going to help you to gain more clarity and to clarify where your focus needs to be for the coming months. Review everything you have written down in your journal and select two to three things that you want to focus on in the new year that you believe you can accomplish.

16. What actions can I take that will increase results?

Within those two to three things you chose in item 15, look at each one and write down some simple actions you can take that will help you get results with each one.

Establish two to three goals or actions you can take that will increase the results of that particular goal in the coming yea.


Now that we’ve completed these journal prompts, I want you to save this journal session as your clarity map for the year. You can come back to it every time you need to have a clarity session, whether that is once a month or again next year. Go ahead and save it and share it now. 

Now that you’ve learned everything you can in this post about journaling for clarity and are ready to move on to the next step, I’ve put together this free resource for you.

audience growth roadmap

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16 Questions to help you find clarity in life as a content creator


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