5 ways to care for yourself as a creative entrepreneur

How to care for yourself as a blogger
What’s not to love about being a creative entrepreneur? The freedom, generating new ideas, collaborating with like-minded superstars, working with clients, etc. But as with any good thing there are down sides. The stress, creativity blocks, irregular sleep patterns, and irregular eating can really take the fun out of entrepreneurship. Oftentimes as creative entrepreneurs we’d rather spend our days chasing after the next creative bombshell and before we know it hours have passed, we haven’t eaten, and in some cases we haven’t even showered. No worries, this is a judgment free zone! 

Truth be told, when a great idea hits us, our health & well-being tends to be the first thing out of the window. Fortunately, I have 5 ways that you can take care of yourself AND crank out that amazing creative idea that will blow everyone’s minds! 

1) Create a routine that you can stick to

The key to staying on track is to have a routine to stick to in the first place. If you do something different every morning then it will be easy to get off track and start getting deeper and deeper into the work tunnel. Try to start your day doing something that you love & take your time getting prepared for the day. When I wake up I try to stay in bed for 5 minutes and visualize what I want to accomplish that day. I meditate/pray and I ease myself into my workday. Time and again we get up with just enough time to get dressed and get to work (or the computer) on time. You are more likely to have a smooth & free-flowing day when you ease yourself into it rather than diving in headfirst. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself for the quick minutes of peace & reflection in the AM.

2) Have snacks with you while you work

It is so easy to get into the workday and just power through that to do list without coming up for air. The next thing you know its 5pm and you haven’t eaten a thing since breakfast. The perfect way to combat this is to have snacks with you while you work! Trail mix, nuts, yogurt, & other snacks are perfect to keep on hand and in your workspace while you crank out all of that awesome content. This way you won’t have to stop your train of thought to figure out what you’re gonna eat, how much it will cost, how long it will take to cook or any of that. These snacks will keep you satisfied until you have a big enough break in your day for a full & nutritious meal.

3) Prioritize your sleep!

Sleep is everything! I repeat sleep is everything! As a first year med student, I totally get that some all nighters & sleepless nights are needed every now & then but you can’t make it an every night kind of thing.  Many entrepreneurs subscribe to the archaic way of thinking that “sleep is for the dead” or “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”. Well, that last statement holds true because if you don’t get any sleep you will be dead! You aren’t lazy if you enjoy getting rest. In fact, that makes you a quite intelligent person. Sleep is the body’s way of restoring itself, repairing any microscopic damages that your body may have endured during the day, and it helps solidify information that you’ve gathered over the course of the day. So, all of that research that you were doing for that awe-inspiring course you’re putting together needs to sink down into your brain & sleep is how its done! So take a moment to make sure that your bedroom is your oasis! It should be the perfect temperature, have super soft sheets & pillows, and even add some candles to make it smell like the perfect place. Get some good shuteye so you can wake up & kick ass!

4) Take a break!

You. Must. Rest. Contrary to popular belief, rest is not the same thing as sleep. Rest is when you take a break from something and generally do an activity that is relaxing or at least gives your brain a break from the daily duties. For some that looks like reading a fiction novel and to others it looks like taking a quick nap after a hectic morning. Whatever it looks like for you, it’s imperative that you take a break every once in a while. It can be once a day, once a week, every other day, etc. Just take some time to give your brain a rest and let it digest all of the information that you’ve been throwing at it. 

5) Do something you love! Every. Single. Day.

Life is full of stuff that we don’t enjoy doing. That’s why you should fill your day with at least one thing that you love doing! I love spending quiet time with my husband so I make sure that every single day I carve out 30 minutes to an hour to spend with him. It helps me get my head out of my projects but it also helps me be present in my life & in my relationship! Life is as good as we make it so make it fabulous!!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found at least one new self-care step that you can implement today. Remember, our businesses thrive when we do!

Take care of yourselves!



sarah' Sarah Ellis is a 27-year-old wellness coach and runs her own health & wellness blog called Sarah & Company. Sarah is also a naturopathic medical student who is currently living in San Diego, CA with her amazing husband! She loves cooking, writing, and dancing it out to Beyoncé. You can find her on almost all of the social media platforms! Don’t be shy, say hello J!

Check out Sarah’s Blog: www.sarahandco.tk

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  1. This is so, so, SO true! It’s so easy to get caught up with work, stress, DEADLINES and everything that involves running a creative biz – Eat food? Drink water? Sleep? Shower? Guilty of neglecting ALL of those. I think this is a fabulous reminder that it’s okay to take breaks from work, especially to take care of ourselves! Thank you for this!

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