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vegan restaurants in California

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I’m always on the lookout for good places to eat in California and particularly, unique and vegan places to eat. This type of specialty restaurant is gaining traction and even chain restaurants like Chipotle have started offering way more vegan options than I’ve experienced. So, I’m certain there are over 1400  vegan spots to eat in California, but I’ve compile a list of 4 of my personal favorite vegan restaurants in Southern California and in Northern California that you should check out when you’re in these cities. I’ve included links to their websites so you can see a menu and get more information on exact locations. {{plus see the other 1400+ vegan locations in California at the bottom of this page}}.



#1….. Moncai Vegan // San Diego, CA


I travel for work sometimes and recently went to San Diego for a trade show. I stayed pretty close to the convention center and was getting so sick of eating salads. One restraint did have a vegan soup but they were so busy that it took an hour to get… soup! So, on my last day I took my rental car exploring and I stumbled upon Moncai vegan. I had to take some cash out at the ATM next door since they don’t take debit cards, and the street location is a little dicey, but I gladly did it because their food looked (and was) incredible and ending up being very fast. I even treated myself to a warm cupcake {{Yes .. you guessed it. I have sweet tooth!}} The service felt very personal and I’ll be going back here the next time I’m in San Diego. Note: their patio is pet friendly and they serve wine too!


#2…. Baagan // Rocklin OR San Ramon, CA


My co-worker turned me on to this local place in Northern California called Baagan. Their entire menu is vegan (of course) – and to die for. I’ve been there a few times and had a quesadilla and a mushroom and “goat cheese” sandwich. Both were beautifully done and full of flavor. Something they specialize in are their smoothies and shakes. When your their, have a Peanut butter cup, it has almond & toasted sunflower butters, coconut sugar, sea salt, topped with raw chocolate drizzle. They’ve won local awards and I definitely plan on going more often since it is so close to home.


#3 Mother // Sacramento, CA



Mother is a small but powerful little restaurant in Downtown Sacramento California that serves some amazing dishes that can be easily converted from vegetarian to vegan. My husband and I recently went there for my 33rd birthday and we ate their Po’Boys and some truffles. YUM! This location is going to be great for Mother because it’s right off K street in Downtown within a short walking distance from a hot spot where the Kings area has just been built. With twinkling lights hanging from the ceiling and freshly jarred veggies lining the walls, you feel at home with your fellow eaters when you’re at mothers.


#4…  Seed + Salt // San Francisco, CA


Seed + Salt is a dessert lovers paradise. Since I live in the northern part of California, I have many friends that live in San Francisco. A woman that I know through work was passing by our part of town and personally delivered me this delightfully decadent brownie from Seed + Salt! It was just the right amount of chocolate. I’ve had some vegan desserts that are chalky and not very good because they also try and double as “gluten free”. This was not that.

seed and salt



Didn’t find a city you’re looking for?

Check out this massive list of over 1400 locations of 100% vegetarian and vegan restaurants in California from Happy Cow.


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