The best 5 best fitness apps to help you stay fit

5 of the best fitness apps to help you stay fit

Like you, I use my phone a lot. I use it to balance my check book, I use for coupons, I use it for online classes, and I use it for health apps and fitness apps. I’ve compiled a list of my 5 best fitness apps that I really use everyday for my own health and fitness. These apps are all free from the Google Play Store on your phone or tablet and are simple to use as a workout trainer / personal trainer app.

A key element I look for when selecting app’s to use regularly is the simplisty in use. I absolutely go bonkers and hate things that are too involved, need to much upkeep to really work properly, and that are not intuitive. These all passed my test and some of them I have been using for YEARS. So let’s get to it and check them out


This app is one of the older health and fitness apps and was recently updated from an app that used to be called ‘Simple Calorie Counter’. It really is the most simple calorie counter in the world and is one of the most simple health apps I use. I do not like food and health apps that make you search for the foods you’ve eaten from a menu, or scan the bar code.


Once you set your calorie limit in the settings, this app gets so simple that all you do is 1) click the plus symbol 2) Name the food 3) type in the calorie content. Done! It pop’s out the deficit or remaining calories below and you can move on.

I eat the same stuff every day. It’s rare that I eat out and don’t know how many calories are in my meal. This is just as simple as jotting it down on a piece of paper to tally the total. I love it!




The name of this fitness apps is really ‘Workout Trainer’ and it can be really complicated if you let it. However, I don’t let my apps or my phone control me so I use it to find workouts I haven’t tried before. You can browse in the categories section and there are hundreds of premade workout routines with step by step videos that count down and time sets for you. I particularly like it for new and challenging yoga flows! It is one of the best fitness apps out there.




Okay, so I said they were all free, and they are. BUT… I actually upgraded this app to the Pro version. It was a choice I made so that I could get more Yoga poses. That said, I still LOVE LOVE LOVE this app in its free version. It has a 5 minute routine that will kick you butt. Trust me.

Like the Workout trainer app, Sworkit also has premade workouts that will count down and time you with instructional videos. The videos are super clean and well done. You can set the time frame too. If you want to do a 10 minute workout, you can. If you want to do a 60 minute yoga flow, you can – it’s up to you! You are going to love this one – I just know it. It made it on this list for being a best fitness app 🙂



Fitness apps  like this one are like a game for me. I use it when I go for walks outside so that I can time my pace, map my routes, and share my results on facebook. I treat it like a game because the lady will tell you how fast you are walking at each mile. When she says “Your pace is 17.5 minutes per mile” , I then will try to beat it by the next mile!




We’re at the end of the list and I’ve saved one of the best fitness apps for last. Like diet diary, I’ve been using this app for YEARS, and it’s only gotten better over time. It also comes pre loaded with workouts. You can choose something from their many pre loaded ones or you can build your own. There are hundreds of exercises sorted by targeted area that you can choose from when you build your own routine. This app also has example videos, so in case you haven’t done this particular set before, don’t worry, the video shows you the proper form. You can also track your weights and when you increase the poundage. This app will get you ripped and toned because it can be very targeted and you can set the routine up perfectly for each day.

I’m curious, what other apps are there that you can’t live without?

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