Do it Yourself Graphic Design (Concept Spotlight – Nordic and Bright)

Do graphic design for your blog yourself. Color concept spotlight: Nordic Scandinavian design and bright

(How to pull together your own Brand Elements)

Ivorymix readers are always on the hunt for key elements that go well with their existing brand, or will help them to DIY their own brand on a budget. This makes a lot of sense because our library of free resources has over 300 stock photos that are available to anyone. Whether, you’re a graphic designer or someone who doesn’t have a creative bone in their body.

Creating a brand can be tricky if you don’t have a creative side and it can be expensive too! Hiring a Graphic Designer or Web Developer ranges a lot in price. It’s no wonder that many people who send us emails asking if there are other design elements available in our free library.

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We are so busy creating other resources, custom photos for clients, and stock photos for our various shops and memberships that we simply don’t have other design elements available.

Until now! Today, we are not launching any new products, but we ARE sharing our best resources for pulling together a complete brand with many of the needed design elements so you can build a DIY brand and start doing graphic design yourself! Even if you aren’t that creative.

Now, when we launch  any new photos, we’ll post up a blog article with a list of DIY brand elements and resources for you to grab and use. The cool thing is that they will match aesthetics that our community voted on and that go well with photos in our free library and in the shop / premium memberships too.

Here’s our Nordic and Bright Brand building list: If you’re trying to build a brand new website, all of these elements range from free – $48 each.


Creative Market

Use this to grab the design elements for free once a week when they email you freebies. You can also shop their vast list of other items too. This site is full of things from fonts, patterns, icons, and even website wordpress themes and more.

Adobe for Photoshop / Lightroom 

This tool is just $10 a month but is masterful for editing and adjust photo files downloaded from Creative Market and more. It’s what I use and no you don’t need to be a photographer. Learning the programs couldn’t be more of a breeze considering all of the information you can find on Youtube for free.

A Free or ($12 Upgraded) Canva account with a free design school

Free and design school. Need I say more? Canva is by far the biggest most user friendly online graphic design program out there. It comes with so many templates and useful tools and actions, it’s hard not to use it to DIY. I absolutely live by it.

Free Stock Photos from Ivorymix

When you’re looking for places to show case a new printable you created or need a photo or a quote graphic for Instagram or social media, you can’t beat free stock photos.

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As an example, here’s how someone might use the above tools to build a Nordic inspired brand.


Stock Photo Inspirations: Bright Life Bundle of 12 Photos

Stock Photo Inspirations: Floral Mock Ups of 9 Photos

Typography / Fonts: Wild Spirit Font

Logo / Mark : Geometric Logos Volume #3

Icons / Patters: Lines and Brush Strokes 

WordPress Theme Suggestion: Sparrow & Snow Theme 

When pulling these above listed elements together, this is what it might look like.

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