Dinosaur bedroom ideas you can DIY for your little one

My kids are growing up and are now 11, 9, and 4 years old! It wont be long now before our oldest is in high school and driving. Time does fly.. I still remember when she was born and we decorated her nursery in an all care bear theme in soft pinks and blues. Now, she shares a room with her brother because we only have three bedrooms. That’s going to change in 2016. Later in 2016, we’re going to buy a bigger home so each kid can have their own room. We’ve been doing a lot of model home shopping lately and we can’t get enough of the cute kid rooms for inspiration. One of the cutest rooms I saw recently was a dinosaur bedroom theme. Now, none of my kids are into dinosaurs or want a dinosaur bedroom but I am an Interior Designer at heart. I’ve used my degree and training for kitchen and bath designs mostly, but I do love good interior design. So, I thought I’d round up some of the best spots to find dinosaur inspired decorations and DIY’s for designing your dino-loving child’s bedroom. If you’re not that into DIY, there are plenty of places to buy dinosaur bedroom accessories and bedding. One day soon, I’ll be designing my kids bedrooms – and I can’t wait to see what theme or colors they choose.

Dinosaur Bedroom DIY ways to create a dinosaur paradise for your little one


One of the cutest ideas I stumbled upon for a cute themed dinosaur bedroom was a set of book ends made from reclaimed wood and a dinosaur toy cut in half. You can buy this already made on Etsy here or try your hand at DIY-ing it. With some glue and initiative, I’m sure this DIY would be easy.

dinosaur bedroom book ends
photo from etsy store mybestfriendnme


Another creative way to DIY your own dinosaur bedroom is to use plastic dinosaurs in your design is by making this wood plank with dino-hooks. I’d suggest spray painting the whole thing in the color scheme of your room. By spray painting it one color, you’ve instantly increased it’s design.

dinosaur bedroom hooks
Photo found on brisbanekids.com.au


Okay, who doesn’t love to go to pottery barn? I know we take our kids in Pottery Barn for Kids just to play with the cool toys and oooo-awww at the décor. More than a dozen times, I’ve been inspired to re-create a look from pottery barn but being as busy as I am – I just haven’t done it. Well, Stephanie over at agrandelife.net made the cutest lamp recreation! She gives step by step instructions for making this work of art yourself.

DIY Dinosaur lamp for less than $30
Photo credit from a grande life


I’m SERIOUS when I say that you can create your own bedding. Last night, before I sat down to write this post, I created a zazzle.com account and made my own pillows to sell.


Dinosaur Bedroom Pillow

Make It Your Own

If you’re not feeling that creative, there are multiple other locations where you can get dinosaur bedding. Like these two blankets from other zazzle creators.

dinosaur_bones_fleece_blanket-r159866f43ffd4b4cada71014dc71ff67_zkhkh_512 rows_of_t_rex_fleece_blanket-r7d1490e2d0bf45d4a47fd626dedab8ce_zkhkh_512

I just can’t get enough of the cute inspired dinosaur bedroom ideas. If you’re thinking of decorating your own room using any of these ideas, let me know how it goes and share a photo of your dinosaur bedroom. I’d love to see it.


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