8 things to do on Instagram, says a blogger with 16k followers


easy guide to instagram from a blog with 16,000 followers

Instagram is completely addictive and hours of time is easily wasted spent scrolling through feeds. Over the course of about 3 years, I have built a steady audience of over 16k followers at @whyhellobeauty through sharing inspirational and beautiful content that compliments by beauty + lifestyle blog WhyHelloBeauty.com. If you too wish to grow your following + create killer content – you’re in the right place!


Who do you admire on Instagram? Whose feeds totally inspire you? Brainstorm what it is about these accounts that you love and begin to incorporate these ideas into your feed, your way. Think about colour schemes; do you want a neutral black + white theme or maybe bright pops of pastel colours? Do you want to include the odd quote to breakup your images, maybe every second or third image to create a tiled appearance, similar to mine at @whyhellobeauty? Don’t feel that you have to get your feed perfectly instantly, creating a fantastic feed is all trial + error to find what works best for you and your audience.

Why hello B


Use your bio to describe who you are and what you do, in a creative and/or witty way – I’ve popped mine below for reference,


Why hello



Besides learning how to style flatlays for instagram growth here in this blog posts,  You can also a tool like a Social Media Calendar, to schedule + plan out your images each week. You can view how images look to each other and ensure cohesion is achieve, before you press the upload button! No more quickly deleting images that just look off…. This is what Social Media Managers tend to use if you were to hire one to curate your Instagram feed, so use their tools + do it yourself!



Play around with the editing options within the Instagram app or even explore apps like SnapSeed and VSCO Cam to use the same filters to each image uploaded, for that lush feeling of cohesion again. This is where your dream Instagram feed’s appearance also comes into play …

The lipsticks are on current rotation … ?

A photo posted by Emily Crawford (@whyhellobeauty) on



Ensure you utilize captions to their full capacity. If you post an image of a luxurious lipstick, I’m a-gonna wanna know what shade is, so please sure to add it into the caption. I also mention crediting reposts below, which is so important!

Ooooo these @colourpopcosmetics metallics are calling mah name ….

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Research what hashtags are used widely within your niche/community and like accordingly. Remember though, think outside the box; for example, I’m a beauty blogger who obvs loves lipstick and all things beauty, BUT I also adore monogrammed leather goods like The Daily Edited, magazines like Elle & Vogue, cute desk stationery and books such as How to be Parisian and Love X Life X Style, so use this to use advantage when searching hashtags.

Ooooo this is so pretty! @figandyarrow ❤️

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I’ve broken tags into two categories, personal tags and business/brand tags;


Always, always, always credit the image’s owner/creator if you are reposting an image within the caption and also, within the image – it’s just polite and great insta etiquette.

Where are all the amazing walls like this in Oz?! @michelletakeaim looking gorgeous and that bag …. ❤️

A photo posted by Emily Crawford (@whyhellobeauty) on



If you are posting a flatlay or just an image of an object, be sure to tag the brand within the image in the caption and if the brand has a hashtag they promote, use that too! Give brands all the tools they need to find you within the millions of images and if your content rocks, you’ll no doubt score a regram too – cue more followers with no effort whatsoever!

Lashes + highlight ✨?✨ via @hava_beauty_co

A photo posted by Emily Crawford (@whyhellobeauty) on



All images look best using natural light, to keep this mind when you are creating flatlays or playing around with selfies. Remember too though, that the sun can cause shadows so if want a clean + crisp flatlay, try to avoid sun but use natural light from a window and maybe edit afterwards. If you don’t have an on-trend marble base for flatlays, a simply a4 piece of paper works better than a table top or carpet – try it today!


Oh and before I forget, if you’re a beauty blogger + ready to tackle Instagram head-on today, you will totally need my eBook, found here – enjoy + good luck!


2016Guest Author:

Emily Crawford | Digital Influencer + Content Creator

WhyHelloBeauty.com | The-Social-Blogger.com


Through the use of social media, Emily continues to attract hundreds of followers with a keen eye for ‘beauty’, believing that “a refreshing, modern spin on makeup and all things cosmetics”, never holds a dull moment.

Not one to limit herself, she finds beauty in anything chic, stylish, classic and modern, ranging from affordable to high end.

Hailing from Tasmania, Australia, Emily continues to create fresh, new blog posts, while working towards collaborating with amazing companies and raise the benchmark for beauty and lifestyle bloggers around the world.


  1. This reminded me that I need to start using a social media generator. I have been putting it off but I think it will help me to create a better IG layout and flow. Plus keep me posting daily. Thanks for the great tips!

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