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The secrets to attract email subscribers

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 the 4 secrets to attract email list subscribers on your blog

The problem with some bloggers (okay – most bloggers) is that we all have FOMO.  This fear of missing out is something fierce, which is why some blogs have thousands of email subscribers!

Bloggers and readers of blogs can’t get enough information.

“Oh, you’re offering me this free info.. great! Count me in” ::: promptly subscribe:::

If you are a blogger who is anything like me, you enjoy engaging with other bloggers and subscribing to useful content. The one reason we do that is because we want to know the secret to making useful content that people want to subscribe to. We are all eager to learn more.

What you may want to know: 

What qualifies as useful content?

How can you drive traffic to your content?

….and how can you get people to subscribe to your emails?

In all honesty, I don’t really think there’s one super secret to getting more email subscribers. However, I do think you have to have something special and with some time to put in a little work, you can attract a lot of subscribers.

Here are three super easy ways you can increase subscribers to your newsletter and gain traffic to your blog.

Make your “Call to action” less passive

A “Call to action” is that thing that recommends people sign up for your newsletter. You might see mine at the bottom of this blog post. Go ahead, check it out!

The trick is to use language that is strong, confident, and that you get rid of any passive or hesitant language. As an example, does your call to action use words like “I hope you” or “if you want?”

If it does, delete those words, now.

You want to invite readers with confidence that you’re worth it. A good example of a simple “Call to Action” would be something like this:

“Join other readers today for exclusive weekly cooking tips that you wont want to miss and that I don’t share anywhere else!”

Some great words to use in your opt-in and call to action are:





Share your content in new places (often) is a “share for share” site. Take 5 minutes to check out this resource for a NEW place to grow traffic through sharing. You can create a free account and link it to one of your social media accounts. You’ll want to find and follow categories relevant to your blog. There is a whole tutorial on their site for how to use this tool as a “share for share” type platform. What’s awesome about these types of sites is that its not only going to grow your traffic but you can find relevant articles to schedule for your tweets throughout the week. Double bang!

Copromote is another place you may not have tried yet. Here, you will find groups of like minded people / posts in categories that match your interests. If you decide to sign up, it’s completely free, so skip the part where it asks you to add a credit card. Sync your twitter account or other social media and test the boosting one of your blog’s tweets. Like minded people will find your tweet and share it! Simple right? The one thing about co promote is it’s a “like for like” or “share for share” platform. You share relevant tweets to your industry, you will get more shares of your tweets.. and etc.

Have you ever answered questions on If you haven’t – check it out today. Sign up (it’s free) – Find a question someone has asked and drop a link to relevant blog post of yours. Not only might you find a new reader, but you’ll be helping out. Go for it!

Last but certainly not least, make Pinterest a priority. You can read more about these 50 tricks and tips to marketing your blog on Pinterest here.

 Make your “Subscribe” button more friendly

Take a look at that “SUBSCRIBE” button on your blog. Does yours actually say “subscribe” or “submit’? You might want to think about that.

With everyone’s inbox influx, subscribing has developed into this icky and spam-y word. You probably don’t want people to feel like you’re going to spam them and you likely want to make your audience feel included in something special. So consider using some other more friendly term for your subscribe or submit button. Here are some options:

>> Join <<<
>>> Get it now! <<<
>>> Yes, please! <<<
>>> Download Now <<<
>>> Heck yes! <<<

Offer something so awesome that they can’t say no

Sometimes the number of email subscribers you are getting has nothing to do with the top three steps and is directly related to the freebie or opt-in you are offering.

If it’s really attractive and helps them tremendously, they are more likely to subscribe. Here’s the one question I want you to ask yourself about your freebie or opt-in….

Would you subscribe to your email list?

If the answer is just a maybe or in your gut you are saying no, then there is your answer. Make that offer and freebie something your readers can’t say no to. Something so juicy and appealing that they can’t leave your site without signing up.

Now.. what about those unsubscribes?? Read this next post on what to do when your subscribers unsubscribe.

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