Pindepth Challenge



Are you ready to get in-depth about Pinterest for your business?


This 50 strategy & 5-day challenge is loaded with video's, instructions, and strategies to help you understand what it takes to grow your blog traffic through Pinterest, get your business noticed, get creating pins that go viral, and most importantly, this course will have you taking daily action


How am I going to get you to take action?


There's no more sitting around hoping for your pins to go viral. We're going to make it happen through an in-depth 50 strategy & 5-day challenge to get you informed, inspired, and motivated. 

You'll get daily emails and prompts in our Facebook Group to keep you on the right track and growing. Plus, see how I kept up the momentum after going viral.





Here's what we'll be covering:


DAY 1: 5 Unique Strategies and discovering how Pinterest helps bloggers grow

DAY 2: 8 Actionable Strategies for Optimizing your Pinterest to be found by your target audience 

DAY 3: 11 Ways to start creating striking and eye catching graphics for your brand

DAY 4: 10 different tricks to utilizing your Pin Boards for maximum results

DAY 5: 17 Final and Powerful Strategies for creating and sharing  links and developing a Call to Action strategy to gets people clicking and sharing

Did I mention these strategies will help grow your email list too!


Before implementing all of these Pinterest strategies, we were getting 10 or less email subscribers daily. Now, we're getting 50 - 100 subscribers a day! This means more regular traffic to your blog and returning customers for your business.







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Your Instructor


Kayla Butler is the Creative Director, Brand Photographer, and Founder of Here to help bloggers and business owners, like you, take better care of your business and yourself, and realize that you can do this! With the proper momentum, resources, and planning, all of your creative business ideas and plans can happen in symphony, and in a way that aligns with your ultimate goals.

It's Kayla's hope that you reach your dreams of success while she helps you maintain your purpose, your creative spark, and ultimate balance in life and business.