50 Ways to Improve Your Pinterest Strategy

50 things to improve your pinterest strategies for growing your blog




Discover how Pinterest works to help bloggers and businesses grow

Create content & they will come – right? Sort of.

Pinterest for bloggers and business owners is a tool that helps us grow because it brings traffic to our websites. People find content on Pinterest because they’ve some how found a piece of content that looks interesting to them. The secret to Pinterest for business is creating content people can find, that they want to click on, and that they want to save and then share. It seems simple enough, but creating content and sharing content on Pinterest insn’t enough to grow your blog and business.

You need strategies and the cool thing is we’ve got 50 strategies we’re sharing over the course of a 5-day challenge. You can sign up here to join our challenge and read more below to learn more as we discuss the different ways you can improve your Pinterest strategy and what’s included in this challenge.



Optimizing your Pinterest Account to be found by your target audience

In this challenge, we’ll discuss why it’s important to know how and why people will find you on Pinterest. Before I discovered how to truly use Pinterest to grow brand recognition and get noticed, I was getting very few eyes on my account.  I decided to improve some things to make sure my audience was able to find me, which included adding more detailed keywords in my profile description and account name, my boards, to my pins, creating a business account and watching / responding to the analytics that Pinterest provided. Just making some simple changes to the SEO and Keywords on my account helped people find me easily. Soon after, I had some things go truly viral and I now get at least 70% of my daily traffic from Pinterest. 


thinline04-13Creating striking and eye catching graphics for your brand

One of the easiest ways to grab the attention of pinners you want to click through to your website is by using eye catching pins. Things that catch the eye of pinners are tall images, the colors red and pink, and images that are un-cluttered. The other thing you can do to stand out it by being unique and not doing something others are doing.

So, that probably means stop using the Pinterest templates from Canva and start thinking outside of the box. The other thing you can try is making a few templates of your own and testing them out. See which ones perform better and start making multiple versions of the same pin. Not only does this help you test out which pin graphic style does best, it also get’s your content out there even more. The more frequent you change your graphics, the more eyes and interested pinners you are likely to reach.


Utilizing your Pin Boards for maximum results

Have you noticed that once you pin something on Pinterest, you immediately get a recommendation to either follow  that account or to follow the board that the original pin came from? How often do you click “follow” at that point? I’m sure your reasoning for following depends on multiple factors but realize that your target audience is getting the same recommendation every time they pin one of your pins. There are ways to utilize your account and particularly your boards to make it enticing for new pinners to find, follow, and share pins from your boards. Creating a cover graphic for the board  that tells pinners exactly what is being pinned there is one way. Here’s a video on how to add board covers to your pinterest account.


Creating and sharing links and developing a Call to Action strategy that gets people clicking and sharing


Before implementing all of these Pinterest strategies, we were getting 10 or less email subscribers daily. Now, we’re getting 50 – 100 subscribers a day! That’s because we’re not only getting people to pin our content, but we’re putting our pins to use with different CTA’s (call to action) and making it easy for pinners to get the information they need and have them wanting just a bit more. Having pinners want more means getting them on an email list and having them enter your “sales funnel”. This means helping more people, getting more regular traffic to your blog, and having returning customers for your business.




This 50 strategy & 5-day Course and challenge is loaded with 90 minutes ofvideo’s, instructions, and strategies to help you understand what it takes to grow your blog traffic through Pinterest, get your business noticed, get creating pins that go viral, and most importantly, this course will have you taking daily action. You can have the workbook from the course challenge for free by clocking below.


Here’s what we’ll be covering:

  • DAY 1: 5 Unique Strategies and discovering how Pinterest helps bloggers grow
  • DAY 2: 8 Actionable Strategies for Optimizing your Pinterest to be found by your target audience
  • DAY 3: 11 Ways to start creating striking and eye catching graphics for your brand
  • DAY 4: 10 different tricks to utilizing your Pin Boards for maximum results
  • DAY 5: 17 Final and Powerful Strategies for creating and sharing  links and developing a Call to Action strategy to gets people clicking and sharing


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