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One Mistake You’re Making in Your Business (3 ways to fix it)

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one mistake you're making in your business and blog and the 3 ways to fix it

Do you love what you do? Do you like connecting with your audience one on one? Do you also love the fact that business is growing?

What if I told you the potential is there for you to grow your business even more? But, you can’t do it alone.

One mistake you’re making in your business.

I am assuming that you answered most if not all to the questions above. Yes! You have seen that your business has come along way because you have been blogging for a while now. You may even have a significant amount of traffic coming into your website.

But you’ll soon realize that something is missing.

The potential is there for you to grow your business even more but what do you need to do in order to accomplish that for your business?

You need to outsource

You might be thinking there is no way you need to outsource at this time, because you can manage everything “NOW”.

But, what if I told you that this is the mistake that you are making and hindering the growth of your business.

This is also allowing you to be less productive.

You see, you growing this thing you love is not only taking you away from the main focus of your business. It’s also minimizing the amount of your time spent on your business and the little things you love.

You have a website as well as social sites, but let’s be honest, some of these tasks that you are doing are manageable but they are taking up your days, you need to blog more, get your business out there and let a virtual assistant help you.

Who/What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant or a VA is a home-based independent contractor that specializes in technical and/or administrative support.

This virtual assistant can normally be found through referrals or through their own websites. A virtual assistant also sets their rates and policies. A VA  offers specialized services or just administration.

So, let’s say that you need assistance from a VA.

To start, you have to take into consideration the tasks that you need assistance with, because a virtual assistant will offer different services, just like how there are different bloggers who blog on different topics.

As a blogger who is growing a business you can imagine that you will need assistance or support for tasks such as your administration, your social media management as well as your website.

The 1st way a VA can help a blogger

Now that you have and idea on how to find a virtual assistant. You might be wondering what task you can outsource to your virtual assistant?

Are you on any social media platforms? I am thinking more than one! You might have been using these platforms to schedule your post as well as connecting your audience on a deeper level.

A virtual assistant can assist you in engaging in a “non robotic way” with your audience via your social media pages.

You know that it’s becoming quite overwhelming to publish your content, schedule these via Hootsuite or maybe that FB group or twitter chat. But let’s face it; you need the assistance of a virtual assistant so that you do not have to dread the hours remaining in the day. So you can trust that your tasks are done right and on time.

When you have a virtual assistant help you with engaging your audience, this is better for your business, because you are able to reach more people.

When you use more than one social site, you can also continue to focus on your blog, grow your business and do the things you truly enjoy.

Tip: If you are using one of those social media platforms to schedule your posts via Hootsuite, you can grant your VA access to schedule and engage with your audience. Need to share your content and files to your VA? If you use Google drive, ICloud or Dropbox all you need to do is share these information to your VA via such a platform.

The 2nd way a VA can help a blogger

Now that you have seen that a virtual assistant is making your business more profitable and productive, because let’s face it, you now have prospective clients inquiring about you and what you are offering.

You need to have a list maintained. What am I talking about? If you have these potential clientd wanting to know more about you and your services, you do not want to miss out on answering their questions and them making a purchase.

Let a VA help you with maintaining your email marketing to update prospective clients to be actual long-term clients.

Tip: You can either use a free or paid autoresponder for you to maintain your newsletter. Let your virtual assistant help you with your email marketing, this can take the form of automating your newsletters to your list when you have specials and offers. Your VA can help maintain this part of your business for you.

The 3rd way a VA can help a blogger

You have a website? But you know that for some of us, you might not be so technically inclined or even interested in managing and maintaining your website.

You might know how to schedule your posts but it can still be overwhelming.

Even for those of you who do know how to use your website. Don’t make the mistake of maintaining your site yourself.

Do you use plugins to support your site?

Do you keep track of analytics?

Do you know what worked or did not work in your last launch?

Not to mention those response emails you’re behind on that are stacking up by the minute!

These might be one part of your business that you are doing yourself or you might be completely overlooking. Yes it can be overwhelming but you can get the assistance you need.

Tip: Your virtual assistant can help you with scheduling those posts, maintaining your website such as backing up your site, updating your plugins and responding to your emails.

It’s a win-win to outsource and grow your business

Now that you have seen three ways a virtual assistant can help you.

You will now reap the rewards of growing your business and having that trusted person at the backend of your business helping you.

Investing in your business will eventually mean more growth for your business, increasing your productivity which means focusing on what you love doing and also increasing your clientele with little to no effort on your part.

palmBio: Juli assists female business owners in the backend of their business by helping these women add their value to the world and presenting what they love doing. Juli is the owner of JuliVAglobal and specializes in Social media graphic designs, WordPress and Autoresponder Maintenance.

She can be found on: Instagram | FaceBook | Twitter | LinkedIn



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  1. Bren Pace on October 7, 2016 at 11:58 am

    Hi Juli! Hi Kayla!

    Glad to see you talking about outsourcing. There are so many bloggers and entrepreneurs struggling to get it all done. If only they would outsource to VA’s who can help ease their workload.

    Gladly passing this one along. Have a great weekend ladies!

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