How we care for plants after photographing them


How we care for plants when we are done making stock photos

I am taking a slight detour from my usual tech topics here, so please bear with me. One of the things I have had to get used to being married to a photographer are props.

Normally they include items such as telephones, journals or small toys. Every now and then though, they include live plants.

The question that pops up from that is what to do with them when you are done using them for photos?

How we care for our plants after we photograph them for our blog

The photo you see above is of the garden window in our kitchen. There are some plants there that I have taken care of for years. That bamboo alone we have had for nearly fourteen years. With that said, most of the plants we have currently are my “rescue plants”.

For those of you that follow Kayla’s stock photography, you may even recognize some of them.

How we care for our plants after we photograph them for our blog


When she is done with a photo session, she does not exactly know what to do with them and they end up as a centerpiece on our dinning room table.

How we care for our plants after we photograph them for our blog

After a short time, when they start looking poorly, I swoop in and try to rehabilitate them. Sometimes replanting them.

Sometimes simply pruning them and keeping them properly watered and give them some sun. Luckily for Kayla, I have a little bit of a green thumb and can keep her from being the “Scourge of plant life”.

How we care for our plants after we photograph them for our blog

For you though, you may need a few plants here and there for photos or some other need of your blogging life, and do not know what to do with them afterwards.

Please do not just toss them. You can breathe life into them and add a little beauty into your home. Although if you are saying to yourself, “Yeah, but every plant I touch dies.”, I have another option that you may not have considered before that can save them.

Gift them.

Maybe, you have a neighbor you see often, but have never really talked to before. Stop by, say hello and offer them a plant. That simple little gesture can make someone’s day and you have just made your neighborhood that much more pleasant.

Or you can go that extra mile and visit a local retirement home and give them that plant and put a smile on their face. Possibly you have school aged children. You could give their teacher a plant for their class to take care of in the classroom. There are so many ways you can keep that plant alive and make others happy.

I truly hope I have given you something to think about.

Until next time, Happy Blogging!