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How to make money on Pinterest without promoting pins

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How to make money on Pinterest without promoting pins

How you can start making money on Pinterest and increase your passive income, without promoting pins

Pinterest is a great platform for building your brand, but it can also be a great tool to help you make money. By using the right strategy, you can grow your audience and make revenue for your business using Pinterest, and without promoting pins or running ads!

Here are some tips on how to get started:

1- Pick one of the 3 ways you will make money on Pinterest

Monetize on Pinterest with product/buyable pins

Monetize on Pinterest through pins to blog posts (and into a sales funnel)

Monetize on Pinterest through affiliate links

2- Fill out your Pinterest profile to attract your Audience

We’re going to get you started on Pinterest the right way, so that you can start building an audience that’s truly interested in your brand and content.

First things first: fill out your profile.

How to make money on Pinterest without promoting pins

Don’t worry about getting it perfect—just make sure you have a bio, headshot, website link, and email address so that people who are interested in what you’re doing can find out more about you.

You’ll want to do some keyword research to help your profile and bio too! Look at the boards other brands have created that relate to your potential audience and brand; this will give you ideas for keywords associated with your business.

Make sure with your profile, bio and your first boards, that you’re using keywords your audience would be searching for. There’s no better way to get your audience interested and seeing your products than by making sure you’re using keywords that they would use while searching. This is a great way to increase engagement and make sure your content is seen by the people who need it the most.

We’ll be talking more about keywords in a bit.

Get your website and product shop validated and activate rich pins

Having rich pins allows you to add more information about the products in your pins, such as price, availability, and other relevant details. These can be really helpful for increasing sales because they make it easier for people to see exactly what they are buying and make the purchase on the spot without leaving Pinterest. Click here to set up your account as a business account on Pinterest and then claim your website so that you have rich pins.

How to make money on Pinterest without promoting pins How to make money on Pinterest without promoting pins

3- Create your Attractive Products, Offers, and/or Lead Magnets for your ideal audience (including your offer Sales Pages/Landing Pages)

At this stage, you’ll want to identify what your audience needs and package it up onto a sales page or landing page.

You can package these offers in two ways:

  • Lead magnet – This is a freebie they sign up for in exchange for their email (to help you grow your email list – stick around because we’ll be talking more about this)
  • Product/service – This would be what you have to sell. This could be anything from $3k coaching programs to Nail Polish.

Need help creating a Lead Magnet? Check out the lead magnet template bundle or take this workshop – both available free to all elite and vip members of the Ivory Mix content membership

Remember these four components of a successful product sales page or lead magnet (that people take action on)

  • A product or lead magnet that is specific and tangible: A product or lead magnet should be easily understandable, visual and in a format that people can act on.
  • A product or lead magnet that is results driven and people want to use: The more it helps them achieve their goals, the better it will be received.
  • A product or lead magnet that provides easy wins and results: People who are busy often don’t have time for complicated things so make sure your offer is simple enough that they can implement it quickly.
  • A product or lead magnet emphasizes a need: Your ideal customer has an area of concern they need help with so find out what problem you can solve for them by creating something useful

5- Leverage purchase intent-based keywords your audience would use that could lead them to your content or products

One of the best ways to find keyword ideas is to look at the questions your audience is asking.

You can do this by:

  • Compiling a list of questions that people are frequently asking about your product/service
  • Searching for those questions and seeing what comes up
  • Search using Pinterest’s trends and other keywords suggested
  • Use Pinterest’s ads tool to provide keyword results. Spend some time analyzing the results in each search and seeing if any of them would be good keyword

6- Using those keywords, start publishing pins and idea pins, including Video Content, that leads people to your blog content, sales pages, and landing pages

It’s time to start using those keywords that you’ve been collecting on different types of pins, idea pins, and video pins on Pinterest.

If you want to use Pinterest as a lead-generating tool, you’ll need to start publishing pins and idea pins that lead people to your blog content, sales pages, and landing pages.

You can do this by including the keywords in your pins and idea pins, as well as your video content. This will lead people to your content where they can enter your sales funnel or make a purchase.

How to make money on Pinterest without promoting pins

Make video pins that showcases your product

Video pins are easily the best way to showcase your product. Pinterest users like to see products in action, so a video is the most valuable way to show off what you have to offer.

If you have a physical product, such as an e-book or clothing line, create a video pin that shows how your product is made and features people using it in real life.

For example, if you sell makeup brushes on Etsy but want more exposure on Pinterest (and maybe make some sales), create a short video that shows how easy it is for someone to apply their mascara with those brushes. In this case, you’re not only showing everyone how great your product is but also educating them on how they can use it! This will encourage people who are interested in purchasing something similar from another retailer because they want something new and exciting for themselves—and hopefully buy yours along with theirs!

7- Pin Fresh Content Consistently and Daily in Your Pinterest Strategy

Pin fresh content consistently and daily in your Pinterest strategy. If you pin the same content over and over again, people will get bored of it and unfollow you. Pinning fresh content is vital to keep your audience engaged and growing.

Make sure that you are posting new pins at least 5 times a week. This can be done by using Canva templates and their scheduling tool or, when you’re ready to expand and grow further, join Tailwind for their Smart Loop, Interval features, and Communities.

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8- Optimize your content

Pinterest is a great platform for increasing traffic and generating new leads, but it doesn’t just happen on its own. You need to take the time to optimize your content, as well as create an effective sales funnel.

To do this, you’ll need to have a plan in place for checking your Pinterest analytics dashboard for your best and worst performing content and improving accordingly. Where a pin is performing well, make more content like that. Where a pin is not performing, try a new headline or a different image.

If a blog post or a product is getting lots of traffic, but people aren’t opting in to your lead magnet or making a purchase, consider updating the call to action or product images.

9 – Want more sales? Create an automated sales funnel using email sequences to make more sales from existing customers you’ve already attracted

If you are looking to increase your sales, you don’t necessarily have to create more content.  The first thing I would do is create an automated sales funnel that targets your leads or retargets existing customers.

This will help you get more people on your email list and then move the ones who have already joined you email list through the sale process.

To start, you need a landing page that’s optimized for conversions and focused on getting people to sign up for an email list or collect email addresses from customers as they make their first purchase.

From there, it’s time to start building out your automated email sequences. These are emails that are sent to people who’ve signed up on your site and gave their email address.

There are three main parts of an email sequence:

  • The welcome email – This should welcome them by name and give them a brief overview of what they’ll be getting through your emails.
  • The value email – This is where you share helpful information with your subscriber about how they can use your product or service effectively.
  • The “call-to-action” email – The last step in this sequence will ask them to take action like making a purchase or signing up for something else related to

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And there you have it. You’re now ready to start making money on Pinterest with your own strategic plan. If you follow the steps outlined in this article, you’ll be well on your way to earning more passive income from Pinterest in no time at all!


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