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6 Tips to Improve Engagement on Your Content

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So, you’ve noticed your engagement on content has been pretty quiet lately, huh? Well, it could be because summer is right around the corner and your audience is generally less engaged in social media and more out and about living life in the sun.

Or, it’s possible you’re simply posting content that just isn’t cutting it. 😐

Well, no matter the time of year or type of content you’re posting, you’re in the right place if you’re looking to get more likes, shares, and comments. I’m going to be sharing with you some of my tried and true creative methods to get more engagement and activity on your content.

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Let’s get started…

1) Pay close attention to what your audience is talking about, and then make content about it.

Honestly, there’s no magic trick here. But, most people who read this, won’t follow through. Don’t be that person! By paying attention to what your audience is talking about, you’ll start getting a clearer picture of what your audience already engages with, but more over, you’ll be able to create impactful and personalized content that truly resonates with real people.

So, first off, to start – just keep an eye on who’s commenting on or liking your posts right now.

  • What are they liking or commenting on?
  • Do you notice any patterns or topics that keep popping up?

Make note of any topics that get the most comments or engagement (as of today) as possible topics to expand on or repeat within new content

Then, take a peak at their profiles and their stories. What kind of stuff are they sharing or discussing on their profiles? This isn’t about being nosy; think of it as getting to know your friends better. You’re simply learning more about what lights up their day.

Choose the relevant topics they are talking about on their profiles and make content that is easily relates to their possible pain points or desired goals and your niche, lead magnets, and products.

For example: Image you’re a virtual assistant who specializes in local business marketing. You notice a post on from Emily (someone who frequently likes your posts). So you visit Emily’s profile and notice she often talks about marketing her local baker. But you also notice she never uses hashtags. Knowing this would help her reach more local customers, you could tailor your next week of content specifically for Emily and others like her. It could be whole series on “How Local Shops Can Boost Visibility with Hashtags”.

Additionally, you could also reach out to Emily directly with a personalized message, offering to feature her bakery in your upcoming post or offer to give her a consultation on how to improve her strategies.

This kind of targeted content creation and approach not only helps Emily feel seen and supported but also demonstrates your expertise in a very direct, practical way to your entire audience. It shows you’re not just another “guru” in your niche throwing out general tips; you’re ready to address their unique challenges personally. This all about paying close attention and caring about the folks who take the time to engage with your content.

2) Run a recurring monthly challenge or contest (but not your average giveaway) 

The idea here is not to simple post content that say “GIVEAWAY” – but instead, to create a monthly recurring event and something your audience looks forward to engaging in. Where your followers have the chance to be recognized for their active participation and engagement with your content – but also encourages them to take action on things they already want to do.

Back in the day when I started Ivory Mix, this is exactly what I would do. I would host monthly opportunities for followers to influence which stock photo collections I would create next and I would give them their own personal collection to use as well. The way it worked was I would pick a person from the community who submitted interest, I would ask them questions about their brand and then create a series of stock photos based on their small business.

I called it the Ivory Mix “Influencer of the Month”. The process worked wonders in generating leads, word of mouth, and gave me a chance to listen to feedback as well as share my expertise. The first instance of the Ivory Mix Influencer program was October 2016. Below is a peak at the very first winner / collection created from this process. It went so well that I continued doing this (free) for at least a year.

October 2016

Another example of this done well is Canva. They have frequently done a “design challenge” within their community and have used this as an opportunity to show off how their platform can be used in real use-cases made by their community:

It’s a fun way to get everyone talking and gives you as the business a sneak peek into what your followers really care about based on their engagement and interest. Plus, it’s a fantastic opportunity to show you’re paying attention and value their input/participation.

By keeping things simple and engaging directly with people to get their input or participation, you’re bound to see a boost in your engagement. It’ll also make your followers feel seen and appreciated.

Wondering if a contest or challenge idea could work for you?

Here is a list of ideas for various engagement challenges or contests. Depending on your audience and niche, I’ve also included some simple engagement topics and discussion starter topics that could work better than a “design challenge” and more like a conversation starter:

  • Vision Board Challenge: Challenge them to make and share a digital vision board. Pick your top 3 and ask the community to choose a winner from them.
  • Success Stories: Ask them to share their biggest win of the past quarter and learn from others’ experiences. Pick a winner from the most liked or replied to comment.
  • Monthly Tips: Post a quick, effective tip and ask the community for their insights. Round up the best for one epic post and tag them all in it. Repeat every month/season change.
  • Brand Spotlight: Feature a different female-led business each week, promoting collaboration and support.
  • Productivity Hacks: At the beginning of the week, share a photo of your personal planner and then at the end of the week, share a “before” and after side by side while inviting others to share theirs when the next week ends. After the first week, pick a random person to feature in your stories and while you’re at it, gift a low cost product from your productivity planner shop.
  • Networking Thread: Create a post where everyone can comment with their business tagged and a short description to foster networking. Pick a random person(winner) to feature the next week in your stories or on your blog. The win is the networking and being tagged. Not much else is needed here but you could add something. 🙂
  • Design Remix: Have an audience of designers? Have them redesign a known logo their way and to share it with the hashtag. Pick a winner.

This list blends both creative and simple engagement type activities for various types of audiences but hopefully you get the idea and hopefully this list inspired you to come up with one of your own!

3: Post and Share More Relatable Content and Memes 

Start making or sharing memes that really hit the nail on the head when it comes to “relatable” content. The goal here is to post something to make your audience LOL or even better, full-on ROTFL (that’s ‘rolling on the floor laughing’).

One way to do that is by creating a ‘Meme of the Week’ that uses something unique about your niche. Pick something that’s so spot-on, your followers can’t help but tag their friends. (btw, in case you were wondering. No, you don’t have to literally label it ‘meme of the week’ when you post it.)

When you get memes right, they’re a fun, easy way for your followers to say, “Yep, I totally get that” and then go on to spread the word by liking, commenting, tagging, and sharing your post.

The trickiest part is finding that sweet spot where your niche and your audience’s sense of humor meet. Plus, laughing together (even if it’s just a meme) can make your followers feel more connected to you as a person and a brand. And who doesn’t love a good laugh, right?

For Example, here’s a funny meme we laughed at together a couple months back:

Step by Step Checklist for Making Memes:

  1. Find the Humor in Relatable Scenarios that your audience would laugh at
  2. Use Branded Templates so people begin recognizing you and your brand as relatable /funny and someone I could definitely work with
  3. Pick the Right Image – there are plenty of apps for creating memes , you can check out ‘meme’ accounts on Instagram, or go to Twitter / X and search for the trending memes and see how it can relate to your niche.
  4. Craft Your Caption: The caption ties everything together. It should be short, punchy, and deliver the humor of your meme.

Remember, the goal is to make your followers pause, chuckle out loud, and feel like they’re in on the joke with you/your brand. When they see that you not only understand their challenges and joys but can also make them laugh about it, they’re more likely to engage or possibly even share your content. Keep it light, relatable, and brand-relevant, and you’ll find your audience tagging their friends to share in the fun.

4) Treat Social Media Like a Party and Celebrate Wins (even the smallest of wins)

Celebrate the small stuff all the time, even just a little-known quirky anniversary like the first time you bought a domain name for your business.

When you start posting these kinds of celebrations, you invite everyone to join in and have fun to. It lightens things up but also gives them a glimpse into your personal story and helps them to become more familiar and invested.

Sure, consistency and strategy are key in social media and content, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Mixing things up with fresh, fun activities like little celebrations, encourages your followers to stay engaged.

5) Post More Series Content and Cliffhanger Content

Pick a topic you could break up into a series, or share the behinds the scenes of something you are making in your business. Then, regularly post short updates to that story or behind the scenes that leave your followers wondering what happens next.

People love a good story, and enjoy following along with a story that unfolds piece by piece. By not revealing everything all at once, your followers have a reason to keep coming back. They’ll want to know what you’ll share next and how the story will move forward.

For example, you could post an image like this below, and share some sneak peak info in the caption to give an update on something you’ve been talking about the past week or two. This post could be right before the big reveal!

6) Random acts of kindness with a simple shoutout or mention of your followers 

Sometime next week, why not pick a few of your most loyal or engaged followers and make their day by giving them a shoutout for everyone to see. To make sure it has the impact and effect you want, you would keep this to yourself and just surprise them with the mention. You could tag them in a story or just simply drop them a compliment or a thank you in one of your next captions. It could be as big as an IG story that’s labeled “Certificate of Awesomeness” (or something less silly and more professional) then add the follower’s name to it and jot down a couple of reasons why you think they’re great or really appreciate their support. Trust me; it’ll mean a lot to them.

Doing nice things for others, just because you can, is a pretty cool way to spread some good vibes and being genuinely appreciative of the people who support you.

Bonus Tip: Remember to write like a real person

Do: Write and post captions, emails and other content like you would in real life. That means, post with personality – your personality. Think of it like you’re having a chat over lunch with a rowdy group of BFF’s. Would you really say something like … “Try XYZ to Leverage Instagram content for enhanced market reach’? Or would you say, “‘Ok Ladies, you have to check out this new tool I just found. I tried it last week and it helped my Instagram reel reach 1000 new people in 24 hours” – Keep it real, relatable, and true to who you are.

Don’t: post generic content on a consistent schedule because you “have a business and that’s what businesses do.” Yes, you may have a business, but you are not the business. Your followers know you are the person writing and posting the content. If your content sounds nothing like you, then they’re less likely to engage with it. What works best, especially for solo entrepreneurs and small business owners like us, is to post real and authentic content in our own personal voice.

So, what’s next?

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