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5 Proven Strategies To Sell Your PLR Product

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5 proven strategies to sell your PLR products

The idea of selling your Private Label Rights (PLR) product can seem daunting, but don’t worry! I have some creative and effective ideas for you. With my guidance and these strategies, you’ll be able to establish trust with your customers and achieve the sales you’ve always dreamed of. Let’s dive in and start boosting your sales today!

Bundle it up!

When it comes to offering value, I believe that more is more! That’s why bundling your PLR product with additional, related goodies is such a genius move.

Create an irresistible bundled offer that includes your PLR product along with some valuable related products or services. The idea is to provide an all-in-one solution for your potential buyers, making the decision to purchase even easier.

Here’s an example of my own most recent 30 in 1 PLR Bundle to speed up your product strategy.

Offer exclusive bonuses

As you saw in the previous step, people love getting more than they bargained for! As a part of your PLR Product offer, include exclusive bonuses that aren’t available anywhere else. This could be anything from additional PLR products to exclusive video training.

Make your offer an exceptional value that buyers can’t resist. Want to learn more about customizing a PLR product to include bonuses? Here are 16 ways to customize your PLR product for your brand and niche.

By purchasing my 30 in 1 PLR Bundle I mentioned before, you’d see that I included a bonus. This is a pretty unique bonus too, because anyone who purchases this bundle & bonuses can also offer these 5 exclusive MRR product bonuses to their customers (and give them with Master resell rights too!)

Generate scarcity with a limited time discount

Create urgency by offering your PLR product at a limited-time discounted price as part of a tripwire. A ‘tripwire’ is a marketing term for a low-cost, high-value product offered for a limited time to new subscribers, serving as an introduction to your brand.

By presenting your PLR product as a tripwire with a limited-time discounted price, you create urgency around the offer. Explain that the special tripwire price is exclusive to new subscribers or first-time visitors and only available for a brief period, compelling them to take immediate action.

By making it more affordable, the tripwire acts as the first step in your sales funnel—turning leads into paying customers who are more likely to purchase additional products from you in the future.

When you purchase my 30 in 1 PLR Bundle, you’re able to create an irresistible tripwire offer within minutes because it comes with these bonus trip wire sales funnel pages that work on

Leverage your welcome email sequence

Use your automated email welcome sequence to engage, educate, and sell your PLR product. Start by delivering the lead magnet and then follow up with a series of valuable emails that help the reader solve a specific problem related to your product.

While you are building rapport, don’t forget to mention your tripwire offer and emphasize its value and relevance to your audience throughout the sequence. Ensure your welcome sequence has a clear call to action, guiding subscribers towards your tripwire offer.

Create engaging content from your own success story that easily transitions into a call-to-action for your PLR product

If you’ve seen success using the PLR product, had great results or loved the process of using it, share that story in the form of content, emails, and videos to attract your customers looking for similar results!

Stories sell and make it much easier to build trust and demonstrate the potential of your PLR product.  You can dive into how to sell more of your digital products with social proof without being overly promotional to increase your conversions, all while keeping it genuine and authentic. 

Are you ready for more PLR product sales?

Let me introduce you to my new 30 in 1 PLR Bundle (plus 5 Bonus MRRs!). Finally speed Up Your Product Strategy with an All-In-One Bundle of PLR and MRR Products! (resell them and keep 100% Profit).

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