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10 Content Templates and 1 Social Media Content Strategy that Actually Works To Save Time

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10 templates that actually work on social media

Need templates and a strategy that actually works to help you sell when you have no time for social media?

Great, because today I want to share with you some content templates and a strategy to boost your digital product sales and save you time. I use this strategy myself. 

However, before we dive into the templates, it’s important to understand what a social media content strategy is and why it’s crucial for your digital product sales. In this first section, I’ll define what a social media strategy is and how you can create your own. If you’re looking for the templates, scroll down further.

So, let’s get started!

What is a Social Media Content Strategy and Why is it Crucial for Your Digital Product Sales?

A social media strategy is a plan of action for how you will post on a platform to achieve your business goals. Each platform requires different types of content which is probably why you struggle with a strategy and are here reading this post. Content can be anything from text, images, videos, and links, and it can be overwhelming to come up with a strategy that works for everything and also helps to sell your digital product. 

That’s why it’s important to keep it simple when defining your own unique social media strategy:

First, Pick your platforms for your social media content strategy:

 Which social media platforms does your target audience use? You don’t have to be on every platform, just the ones that matter to your audience.

My two main platforms where I create unique content are: 

  • My Blog
  • Instagram
  • Email Newsletter

I repurpose these three main platforms to: 

TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube

Second, Define your goals for your social media content strategy 

What do you want to achieve with your social media strategy? Do you want to get more website traffic, boost your sales, or build your brand? Knowing your goals will help you create a strategy that works.

Types of goals you might choose include:

  • Build a community / Followers
  • Grow Engagement on Content
  • Generate Leads / Grow your email list
  • Make Sales
  • Drive traffic to your Affiliate links
  • Increase your content reach / Video views

For me you’ll notice that each platform has a set of unique goals for my brand:

My Blog Goals:

  • Grow my SEO (search engine optimization) / Branding
  • Grow my leads and email list

My Instagram Goals:

  • Grow my Community / Followers
  • Boost Email list leads
  • Boost Sales 

My Email List / Newsletter Goals:

  • Nurture my community
  • Boost website traffic / product awareness
  • Boost sales

My Goals for repurposed content on TikTok, Facebook Pinterest and YouTube Goals:

  • Boost website traffic
  • Boost sales
  • Boost Email list leads

Third, Create a content calendar and posting schedule:

A content calendar is just a schedule of when and what you’re going to post on social media. Planning your content in advance will help you stay organized and consistent.

My Current content schedule:


  • Instagram Post (List)
  • Instagram Story (Poll about list)
  • Facebook Post (Repurpose IG List)
  • Pinterest Post (Repurpose IG  List – link to Instagram Post)


  • Blog Post 
  • Email newsletter (About Blog)
  • Instagram Post (Reminder)
  • Instagram Story (About Blog)
  • Facebook Post (Repurposed IG Reminder)
  • Pinterest Post (Headline – linked to Blog Post)


  • TikTok Post (Repurpose last week’s Instagram Reel)
  • Pinterest Post (2nd Version of a Headline – linked to Blog Post)


  • Instagram Post (Reel)
  • Instagram Story (About Reel)
  • Facebook Post (Repurposed Reel)
  • Pinterest Post (Repurposed Reel into Idea Pin)


  • Digital Products / Membership Products Published 
  • Email newsletter (About Product / Sale)
  • Instagram Story (About Product)
  • Pinterest Post (Mockup – Linked to Product)


  • Pinterest Post (Mockup – linked to Lead Magnet)


  • Pinterest Post (2nd Mockup – Linked to Product)

Fourth, Create Your Own Library of Templates and Photos for your Content Posting Unique Schedule

One of the biggest challenges of content creation is constantly coming up with fresh and engaging ideas. However, by creating a library of templates and photos, you can streamline your content creation process and ensure that you’re saving time and have a content plant that is consistent. 

Create a Library of Templates and Photos

Have your content schedule available and make a list of content templates and photos you’ll need. 

For example, because I have a digital product shop and social media content, so I have two categories of templates that I need at all times: Product Content Templates and Social Media Content Templates.

Create Your own list of templates for different types of content. 

Consider creating templates for different types of content, such as blog post graphics, social media graphics, and email headers. This will make it easy to create new pieces of content that are consistent with your brand’s visual identity.

Create a list of photo buckets you’ll need for your content that you’ll regularly use and pull images from:

For me, I use lots of flatlays, office scenes, and phones/screen mockups. Create your list and make your folders. 

  • Folder 1: Flat lays with copy space
  • Folder 2: Working Scenes
  • Folder 3: Screen Mockups

Another example might be

  • Food Photos
  • Yoga Photos
  • Meditation Photos

Note for members: each month you receive an email from Ivory Mix, I would go download your photos and place them into your folders for future use, or add them to your favorites.

Creating a library of templates and photos can save you time and effort in the long run, while also ensuring that your content is consistent and visually appealing. By identifying your brand’s visual identity, using tools like Canva or Adobe Spark, and creating templates for different types of content, you can create a library of templates and photos that can be used and reused for all of your content creation needs.

Fifth, Utilize Batch Days and times to Create, Schedule, and Automate your Content Posting

Batching is the process of setting aside a specific block of time or block of days to complete a set of similar tasks. By batching your content creation, you can save time and ensure that your content is consistently posted.

My batching schedule changes often because of life and motivation changes. My best advice is to remember that batching is your friend, to batch when you feel motivated and be flexible with yourself enough to change the plan when necessary. 

 Here’s an example of what 7 days of batching might look like if you had:

  •  4 blog posts
  • 12 Instagram posts that get repurposed to Facebook and TikTok
  • 30 Pinterest pins

Batch Day 1:

  • Write and edit Blog Post 1
  • Write and edit Blog Post 2

Batch Day 2:

  • Write and edit Blog Post 3
  • Write and edit Blog Post 4

Batch Day 2:

  • Create graphics for Blog Post 1
  • Create graphics for Blog Post 2

Batch Day 3:

  • Create graphics for Blog Post 3
  • Create graphics for Blog Post 4

Batch Day 4:

  • Write 4 emails for publishing to your email list
  • Schedule Emails and Blog Posts 1 thru 4 for publishing on your website and email list

Batch Day 5:

  • Create 12 Instagram posts with captions and graphics related to your blog posts

Batch Day 6:

  • Create repurposed graphics for Facebook and TikTok

Batch Day 6:

  • Create 30 Pinterest pins with captions and graphics related to your blog posts

Batch Day 7:

  • Schedule Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok posts to be published throughout the month using using Automation tools (Meta Content Planner, Later, Planoly, Hootsuite or Buffer)
  • Schedule Pinterest pins to be published throughout the month using a tool like Tailwind

REMINDER: You can use this same method to break up the creation and batching of digital products too.

Sixth, Measure your results: 

How will you know if your social media strategy and content strategy is working? Use tools like social media analytics to track your progress and make adjustments as needed.

For example, here are some metrics you can track using Instagram insights:

  • Follower growth: Are you gaining new followers? If so, how many? Tracking your follower growth can give you an idea of how well your content is resonating with your audience.
  • Engagement: Are people liking, commenting, and sharing your posts? Engagement is a good indicator of how interested your audience is in your content.
  • Reach: How many people are seeing your posts? Reach is the number of unique accounts that have seen any of your posts. Tracking your reach can help you understand how well your content is performing.
  • Click-throughs: Are people clicking on the links in your bio? If you’re using Instagram to drive traffic to your website, tracking click-throughs is essential.

By tracking these metrics, you can see how well your Instagram strategy is working and make adjustments as needed. For example, if you’re not getting much engagement, you might need to rethink your content strategy. Or if you’re not getting many click-throughs, you might need to optimize your call to actions on your posts.

Overall, measuring your results is crucial if you want to have a successful social media strategy. Use social media analytics to track your progress, make adjustments as needed, and continue to improve your strategy over time.

10 Content Templates that actually work to Create a Social Media Strategy and  Boost Your Digital Product Sales when you have no time

Ready to pick templates for your content strategy based on your goals? 

I created the Ivory Mix Content Membership because I understand what’s it’s like to have no time and still want a stunning brand and strategic content.  That’s why I offer you access to a library of unique templates and over 10,000 stock photos. Our templates are designed to be customizable and easy to use, allowing you to create strategic content quickly . With Ivory Mix, you can have an instant library of templates and photos at your fingertips. 

Here are just a few templates you can find inside:

Poll / Question Templates

Poll and question templates can be good for a variety of goals, but one of the primary goals they can help achieve is engagement. By asking your audience to participate in a poll or answer a question, you’re inviting them to engage with your content and share their thoughts and opinions.

Poll and question templates can also be useful for gathering feedback from your audience. For example, you might use a poll to ask your audience which topics they want to see more of in your content, or to get their opinion on a new product or service you’re considering offering.

Another goal that poll and question templates can help achieve is building relationships with your audience. By asking your audience for their input and opinions, you’re showing them that you value their feedback and that you’re interested in what they have to say. This can help build trust and strengthen your relationship with your audience over time.

Overall, poll and question templates can be a valuable tool for any content or social media strategy that aims to increase engagement, gather feedback, or build relationships with the audience.


Want 500 poll ideas and questions emailed to you  Download the free ideas here.

Headline Templates

Headline templates can be particularly useful for achieving the goal of driving traffic to your website or landing page through a call-to-action (CTA) in your bio. By using a template that is attention-grabbing and clearly communicates the value of clicking the link in your bio, you can increase the likelihood that your audience will take action and visit your site.

Mockup Templates

A Mockup of your digital product can help achieve more sales. By showcasing your product in a realistic and visually appealing way, you can make it more attractive to potential customers and increase the likelihood that they will make a purchase.

Value-Filled and Educational Templates

Value-filled and educational templates can be good for several goals, but one of the primary goals they can help achieve is establishing authority and thought leadership in your industry. By creating content that provides value and educates your audience, you can position yourself as an expert in your field and build trust with your audience.

Value-filled and educational templates can also be useful for increasing engagement and building a loyal following. By providing valuable content on a consistent basis, you can attract and retain a dedicated audience that is interested in what you have to say.

Another goal that value-filled and educational templates can help achieve is driving traffic to your website or landing page. By creating content that provides value and educates your audience, you can attract more visitors to your site and increase the likelihood that they will take action, such as signing up for your email list or making a purchase.

List Templates

List templates can be useful for increasing engagement and also driving traffic to your website or landing page. By creating content that is easy to read and share, you can attract more visitors to your site and increase the likelihood that they will take action, such as signing up for your email list or making a purchase.

Digital Product Templates

Create and sell digital products quickly and efficiently with digital product templates. By using templates for your digital products, you can save time and effort in creating your digital products, and ensure that they have a professional and consistent look and feel.

Templates can also help you maintain a cohesive brand image across all of your digital products, which can improve your overall brand recognition and reputation.

Additionally, templates can be a great way to scale your business. Once you have a set of templates created, you can use them to create multiple digital products quickly and easily, allowing you to offer a wider range of products to your audience and potentially increase your revenue.

Story Templates

If you plan to use Instagram stories regularly but also want to save time, you’ll want to come up with some story examples or templates based on your content strategy, and use those all the time. This will save you time and make you more consistent too.  For my content strategy, I do a Poll story, a List story related to my recent blog post and a product related story – So I have templates for each one of these.

You might want to consistently use a ‘Product Sneak Peek’ Story when you’ve created a new product that is something like this:

Read more: How to use Instagram Stories for a Successful Product Launch

Creating engaging and effective Instagram stories that sell was never easier. I’ve created 14 sets of canva templates you can use for engaging stories to share with your audience and get them buying and signing up straight from your stories!


Instagram Caption Templates, Reel and Content Ideas

By keeping a list of content ideas, you can make sure that you always have inspiration to draw from when you’re feeling uninspired or just need a little help getting started. Plus, it can save you time and make the content creation process a lot smoother since you won’t have to start from scratch every time you want to create something new. Not to mention, having a list of content ideas can help you stay on track with your brand and marketing goals, and make sure that your content always feels fresh and exciting. So, if you’re looking to up your content game, start jotting down those ideas!

Need a place to start? Inside the Ivory Mix Content Membership, We have over 1500 caption templates, reel ideas and content ideas to start with.

Pinterest Pin and  Idea Pin Templates

With Pinterest, I generally repurpose the headlines and product titles and turn them into Pinterest Pins. I will also convert my Instagram Carousels and TikTok content into Idea Pins. To get this all done, I have a series of on brand Pinterest templates I will use to create that content.


In a nutshell, templates are a game-changer when it comes to creating a social media strategy that speaks to your audience and achieves your marketing goals. With post templates and Idea Pins, businesses can easily create engaging content that’s consistent and effective. Don’t be afraid to mix things up and try different templates until you find what works best for your digital products and audience. Remember, creating social media content that aligns with your goals and audience is key to building a strong brand identity and loyal following. So, go ahead and have some fun experimenting with templates to grow your social media presence and achieve your business objectives!

Use the Ivory Mix Membership to Create Content Faster

Now that you’re hooked up with an evergreen content strategy, don’t spend hours at the keyboard trying to personalize and schedule your posts. Get exclusive access to our stunning, easy-to-customize Canva templates and Caption templates to customize your Content!

If you’re a member f the Ivory Mix content membership, you already have access to the pre-formatted and styled templates for your business! Simply place styled-stock images from the Ivory Mix library into the template, change the text, and create eye-catching social media images in a matter of minutes. Click here to learn more about the Ivory Mix membership 

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