How this Influencer is Coaching Other Millennials to Success

Rachel Ritlop The Confused Millennial (1)

If there’s anything Rachel Ritlop and I have in common, it’s that we suggest you limit the amount of online information you consume, but not this… this interview you’ll want to read. Rachel is the lady behind The Confused Millennial™ and she’s joined me to talk about life, her journey to lifestyle blogging and starting an online business in coaching. I am so impressed by what she’s accomplished in such a short time and I think you’re going to love her and her vibe as much I do!

Thanks for joining me for this interview, Rachel. When we first began talking, I was checking out your site “The confused millennial” and watched your interview with Mr and Mrs Adventure and I thought it was so well done! What got you started with the confused millennial?

Thank you for having me and checking out the first episode of the Inspiring Millennials series! I actually started The Confused Millennial™ on a total whim and designed everything (the logo, website, copy, graphics, and even the first 4 blog posts) in 48 hours and put it live without any promotion! It was a passion / emotional project after I had an exchange with a mentor I once looked up to that really disappointed me, and the blog just became an outlet to work through it (if you go back and read original posts like “3 Ways the Public Figures You Look Up to Are Full of Crap” and “Half Truths and Passive Aggressiveness – Putting others down to elevate yourself“), it’s me directly working through the stuff that was happening in real time. From the launch, three months ago we’ve had about 20,000 unique visitors and the response has been overwhelmingly supportive.

I know you also have another site that’s focused more on coaching millennials in life and through their careers. After your reading your about page, I can see that we some things in common (most bloggers and business owners do!). How did you come to the conclusion that coaching millennials would be the best fit for you and your skills?

Yeah, my coaching business is housed on which really outlines how to work with me. I have my master’s degree in counseling, with a dual focus in mental health counseling and vocational rehabilitation (helping people get back into their careers), I was working as a therapist for a few years and just felt totally miserable in the traditional 9 to 5 construct… so I sat down with my fiancee one day and outlined my dream job, and realized that they best was to classify it was as a coaching program for other confused millennials!

Starting anything new is hard, especially when you’re starting something new after experiencing some personal challenges. As a blogger and business owner, what advice do you have for newbies to stick to it and not give up?

Haha this is so true! And something I write about on The Confused Millennial™ a lot! I would say get really clear about what your life’s mission is, and never lose site of that. In business and blogging, there is SO much advice out there that it can be really easy to lose your voice or your “why”. If you find that happening to yourself (it may show up as writers block or perfection paralysis or simply disliking your work) I recommend unsubscribing and limiting your time consuming online information.

As a busy person that you are, how do you stay sane and what’s your daily routine like?

Yoga, walking, and the beach are huge for my sanity!

I usually wake up, tackle social media and promoting, work either individually or in a group setting with coaching clients, then spend time creating digital products like my “Mastering Instagram” e-course coming out in June, which I am currently running a $100 off special! Then I always block out time to watch the Ellen show, finish up some more work and then walk.

As a coach and a blogger, who coaches and inspires you – where do your inspirations come from?

I have hired and worked with coaches in the past, but my clients and consultation calls are truly who inspire me the most! After the exchange with the public figure who once inspired me, I finally let go of looking up to and feeling inspired by those further along in their careers, but rather feel inspired by those who push me to be better and serve them better in my business.

Many of Ivorymix readers are new to online businesses and blogs, can you tell us how you approach meeting new clients?

If you can take it off-line and meet people in person that is still my favorite, and how my business grew it’s first year.

On-line I love twitter chats, instagram, and facebook groups! I definitely find that’s where the most engaged and real conversations are happening and have met so many amazing, supportive, and inspiring clients and friends through those platforms.

What’s something that people might not know about you, but that you don’t mind sharing?

Haha uhm my favorite show to binge on right now is “Girl Meets World” (and cry in almost every episode) – and I love to clean while listening to 90s hip hop. Haha is that too random?

So Rachel, what does the future hold for you?

Oh my! So much (hopefully!) I want to keep coaching one-on-one with clients, but also start to grow my e-course offerings! My first one comes out in June! I am also hosting a virtual summit this summer for new business owners and side hustlers, and a four hour e-course on launching a business… and I am getting married this year! Haha so it’s a lot of moving pieces that I encourage people to follow along with on my newsletter!

Last but not least: What’s your favorite blog that you follow and can’t get enough of?

The Balanced Blonde for sure! Jordan has really been such an inspiration in walking through fear, overcoming adversity and truly building a lifestyle brand (which is my goal in the next few years)!

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