How to DIY Fake Ice Cream for Food Photography

How to DIY fake ice cream for food photography and food bloggers

Recently, my oldest daughter and I collaborated on our very first YouTube video.

I never thought I’d be on YouTube, but today’s the day and I’m really excited that it’s a how to for food photography !

I’m still playing around with the audio aspects of Youtubin’ – but what a fun project to work on with an 11 year old. I can’t wait to do more and you might just see an influx of DIY videos because of this. haha

So, I’m only slightly obsessed with photography  (as if you didn’t notice) and I am feeling extremely excited that we’re kicking off this YouTube thing with a DIY video.

It’s my hope to share ALL the secrets for how you can DIY your own blog, brand and photos (and I just so happen tot have something really special in store for mid-August). For now, and because no one has as many hours in the day as they have ideas, I’m sharing this first video of many upcoming great, fun blog / photography / business videos.

So, sit back and enjoy this quick 4 minutes of DIY on making fake ice cream for your future food photography.

Remember! Don’t eat this at home… but definitely try it! Oh, and my #1 tip is don’t touch the shortning 🙂 It will feel like it’s never going to come off!

If you’re excited to see these food photos for yourself, you’ll want to sign up for the free stock photos and our email list.

I’ll be sending out all the details this weekend (July 23rd-24th 2016) for these new stock photos in the [Shop]

…and there just may be a freebie photo in there too.

In the mean time, here’s your peak at the collection:

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