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Tools I use in my sales funnels to scale my business

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tools I use in my sales funnels


Are you getting ready to create or launch a new product and you’re wondering how to build a sales funnel?

Well, I want to share with you all the tools that I use in my business and in my sales funnels.

I use multiple different tools in my sales funnel. Whether we’re talking about live funnels or automated funnels, I’ll tell you which tools are for which type of funnel.

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Ready? Let’s go.

Canva for content (with help from Ivory Mix)

I use Canva for my content.

If I am going to create graphics, we typically use Canva. I own, which is a membership, and we supply Canva templates to content creators, course creators and other people who have online businesses.

We create monthly Canva templates specifically for content. We use Canva for all of our launch content and our visuals.

Zoom for live webinars

The next tool I use is Zoom. If I’m hosting a live webinar for my community, I use Zoom for my live webinars.

Zoom is really user-friendly, and it also allows you to share to social media. Everybody seems to use Zoom and is comfortable with Zoom. We use Zoom for our live webinars.

EasyWebinar for automated webinars

But if I’m turning a webinar into an automated funnel or an automated webinar, I will use EasyWebinar for that process. I find that EasyWebinar is extremely easy to use.

You can upload your video and create automated emails or a signup form or a button that people can easily click on. It is pretty easy to use and a little more affordable than some of the other options that are out there.

Thrive Architect & Thrive Ultimatum for sales pages

For our sales pages, I use Thrive Architect and Thrive Ultimatum.

Thrive Themes is a company that creates multiple different tools you can use for your WordPress website.

We use WordPress and Thrive Architect allows us to build customized sales pages on the fly and quickly and easily modify existing sales pages as well.

There are lots of templates that we use or that we can modify. And we also use Thrive Ultimatum with that, and it actually locks certain sales pages so that we can use gated content or gated sales pages during our automated funnels.

If we have private offers that are only offered to people on our email list, we’re usually using something like Thrive Ultimatum. An alternative might be, if you don’t use WordPress, or if you have something else, something like ClickFunnels or Deadline Funnels.

ConvertKit for an email service provider

Speaking of funnels, we use ConvertKit for our email service provider and our automated emails and our live broadcast emails.

And if we’re putting a countdown timer in one of our emails, we’ll use a service called MotionMail.

You can customize a countdown timer clock and add that code into your email, and it’s used best for live launches.

If you’re looking for automated countdown timers to go in your emails, then you’re going to want to look at Deadline Funnels. That’s the most commonly used service for countdown timers that are automated for your emails.

My Cart & Checkout: WooCommerce & affiliate plugins for subscriptions and memberships

The other thing that’s kind of unique to my business is we use WooCommerce subscriptions and memberships. That’s the cart service that we use because we have a membership and various different products and lots of different products within our membership.

We use WooCommerce on WordPress and we use WooCommerce subscriptions and memberships.

Alternate Cart & Checkouts: SendOwl or Thrive Cart for a simple cart

But if you’re just looking for a simple cart or checkout that you can add to any page on your WordPress website, I recommend using something like SendOwl or Thrive Cart

SendOwl is an awesome tool, very user-friendly and I’ve used it in the past. One of the benefits of using SendOwl is that you’re able to create affiliate links.

If you want to create strategic partners for your offers or your launches and you want to use a simple checkout like SendOwl, you can easily create affiliates for your products as well. It’s one of the reasons I really like SendOwl.

I use WooCommerce and we have an affiliate program on our website as well and so we have a WooCommerce affiliate plugin that we use on our website.

Planoly & Storrito for social media scheduling

We’re still looking at what I use in my sales funnels, and if I have an evergreen offer or an evergreen funnel or even a launch that we’re doing like a live launch, I utilize social media scheduling tools like PLANOLY for my Instagram content and Storrito for my Instagram Stories.

I use those two to schedule content, whether it’s evergreen content or a live launch.

Summary of tools

We piece these tools together to get exactly what we need without overdoing it or spending wastefully. I started out as a DIY business owner and have tried many different things. I’m always curious to hear what other people are doing and I’d love to chat. Let me know in the comments below, are you a DIY website person or do you have people or someone who helps you out with your websites?

What do you do, DIY or do you outsource?


Now that you know, I’ve created a launch planner and content prompts for your launch and you can grab that right below. It’s completely free!

If you’re struggling to get eyes on your offer or struggling to get eyes on your content, you can join my free Facebook group here.

We support each other and it’s really a place where you can support others and get support for your offers and your content. It’s a great community, and we’d love to have you!

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    Great content. Very helpful indeed.

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