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8 Instagram post ideas to get more followers, engagement, and sales

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8 Instagram post ideas to get more followers, engagement, and sales

Are you looking to boost engagement and sales on your Instagram feed and you’re wondering what types of content you should share? Well, today in this video, I want to share with you the types of content that you can share on Instagram to boost sales and boost engagement.

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Ready? Let’s go.

Content to Give Value & Teach

The first type of content to consider is content that demonstrates value. This is where you offer high value, which places you in a position of authority. You can share your expertise, your skillset and influence the way your audience thinks and offer a unique perspective on a particular topic. Value content meets your audience wants to continue following you as well as trusting that you are the expert in your niche.

Content to Build Your Authority

The next content you’d want to consider is content that helps build your authority.  This is content that positions you as an authority figure in your niche. Share any blog posts you’ve guest blogged on , or podcasts you’ve been on. Ideally, you’re showcasing how your method or how your brand has helped other people by promoting a piece of content that appears somewhere else.

Beliefs Content

The next type of content is sharing your beliefs.  beliefs that you hold, beliefs that you have about whether your audience should try this method over this method. This is going to help provide context about what you do and why you do it and why you believe the things you believe. This is going to really differentiate you within your niche.  It’s important to talk about the things that you believe versus the things that you don’t. It can really be polarizing and really bring in your biggest fans.  I like to do this with this or that content and I’ll post an example right here.

Client Testimonials and Stories

The next thing we want to do is tell client stories or share client testimonials.  You can highlight how you’ve helped one of your clients, or maybe if you don’t have clients yet you can tell a story about how you’ve achieved a certain result and share your own personal experience. It would be really great and extra special if your clients shared a testimonial as a video really impacting your potential followers in taking action and you can share wins, you can share screenshots from their results, you can share raving reviews. But video content is really going to boost credibility and also get people really engaged in what they’re saying.

Solution Content (about your products and services)

The next type of content is really deep-diving into your offer, your solution, or doing a product demonstration. Because your solution is the thing that you sell, you’ll want to highlight your audience’s problems and how you can help them focus on a solution. You can do that by sharing details about your offer and highlighting how they can apply your offer or your service to their problem.

You can use a strong call to action here and really get people to take action. This might not be your biggest engagement post. This isn’t going to get the most shares and follows but it’s really going to pull the people who have been sitting around on your account and your ideal clients are really going to get them to take action.

Be Transparent / Share your story

The next type of post is a transparency post. This is where you get a little more vulnerable and tell one of your personal brand stories. Talk about something that you’ve gone through that creates transparency with your audience and shows that you’ve personally gone through a transformation that they can relate to because being real will grow their trust.  share stories ways that really have developed you as a person. And that really, you’ve identified as part of your brand story.

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Share your Lifestyle and behind the scenes

Next, what we want to do is create lifestyle content.  I don’t really do this a lot but I reserved this kind of content for my stories.  you can do this content on your feed or in your stories but it’s important to have it because it allows you to embody what your ideal clients dream about and aspire to.  This content really shows your audience, how you live and how you embody what you teach. So for me, I might share my routines, my mindset, and maybe my daily structure or other elements that relate to my lifestyle but that are also aspirational for my ideal clients.

Content to Ask Questions

Okay, last but not least is, ask content. This is where you ask your audience something in a bid to create engagement and start a conversation with them.  basically, you’re just inviting them and inviting your audience to take action by creating a micro-commitment or answering a question in some way that you can maybe send them more value later.  An example of this might be I create a post about this or that and they get to choose an option in the comments below. And by choosing an option in the comments below, I have told them that if they choose an option, I’ll DM them a special coupon to whatever their choices.  It’s kind of like a micro commitment but also allows them to engage with your posts and raise their hand and say, I am ready to buy or I’m ready to be added to your email list or I’m your ideal client.  These asked type posts are great because it creates engagement but also gives you a reason to follow up with them and to reach back out.

What Next?

Okay, so now that you know, more, I’ve put together a complete list of Instagram story prompts so that you can create content faster and have a list of ideas for different stories that you can create on the platform for various different things whether you just want to create more engagement or sell.  You can get a link to that right below.

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