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The Profitable Content Membership

Say Hello to Your Profitable Templates & Content Plans

Giving you exactly what to post to Turn Followers Into Buyers for Your Digital Product Business - even if you’re starting at 0.

Unlock all 18,000+ profit-driven content plans & templates in the membership for a steady flow of leads & sales *cha-ching*

create magic everyday

The secret to profitable content for a digital product business?
Having a content plan that fits your follower's journey & the best templates for that plan

It's not about posting just for the sake of posting anymore... Ambitious digital product creators like us have evolved.

We want our content to have purpose, meaning, and deliver results for our audience and our profits. It's not about churning out daily posts just to check a box. We're here to make a difference and make every single post count!

You don't have to feel stuck when it comes to content creation, generating ideas, and having the confidence to move forward and scale leads and profit in your digital product business.

There are now clear, actionable templates, and content plans you can use to easily create profit-driven content. You can put an end to stress and overwhelm and focus on what really matters - delivering value to your audience and your business.

The Problem

You're stuck in a never-ending cycle of content creation without seeing any profitable outcomes

The problem is you're juggling a thousand things in your digital product business, finding the time to figure it all out can feel like an impossible task.


What you need for a more profitable content strategy:

✔ A content plan that seamlessly aligns with your message and follower's journey so you can move forward with confidence to scale leads and profits 

✔ Captions and Canva Templates for an effortless content strategy tailored specifically for digital product businesses, Online Courses, Coaches, and service providers. 

✔ Premium Stock Photos and Mockups to generate engaging imagery that radiates authenticity, relatability, and personality.



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never get stuck on "what to post" again!


Imagine the incredible sense of relief you'll feel having pre-made content plans and profitable templates. It's like having a creative companion, effortlessly guiding you through the process of creating profit-generating content.

Whether it's posts on Instagram, Reels, Stories, or Pinterest, these templates will also extend their magic to create amazing content for your digital products, courses, blogs and beyond. 

My proven templates and content plans are here to help you overcome business burnout, giving you a genuine process for increasing visibility and profits in a digital product business!

It's time to master your business content like a pro! No more feeling lost or unsure, it's time to own your digital space and rock it with confidence and profitability!


What Would Happen

if you had the content to
Turn Followers Into Buyers For Your Digital Product Business

Who doesn't want a content creation process that's as smooth as butter, with streamlined strategies that drive traffic, leads, and cha-ching profits straight to your business! With the Profitable Content Membership, you can finally create purposeful and impactful content that connects with your audience and brings in the results you've been dreaming of.

Life Before Joining The Profitable Content Membership:

Burning yourself out trying to do it all on your own and having difficulty capturing the attention of your audience, resulting in slow or stagnant sales.

Feeling constantly overwhelmed by the never-ending demands of creating and managing content across multiple platforms. Wasting precious time and energy trying to piece together a content strategy without a clear direction or cohesive brand experience.

Feeling stuck and uninspired while also juggling multiple tasks and lacking the ability to efficiently plan and schedule content, resulting in missed opportunities for growth and profit.

Struggling to find the right resources and support to help you effectively grow your business and connect with your audience.

Life After Joining The Profitable Content Membership:

Embrace the blissful ease of creating content without breaking a sweat. Finally, say goodbye to content overwhelm and hello to a steady flow of traffic, leads, and those oh-so-delicious profits!

Brace yourself for an audience anxiously awaiting to engage with your every word. They'll eagerly jump at any opportunity to work with you and invest in your business.

Armed and ready to tackle every step of your next goal like a pro. Never wasting a precious moment again because you have a treasure trove of ready-made photos, templates, content plans, and masterclasses at your fingertips to grow your business with.

Bringing to life that stunning brand experience that you've been dreaming of for your business, website, social media and digital products.

introducing the


My proven content plans & templates That Turn Followers Into Buyers for Digital Product Businesses

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what's included?

Let's break down the 18,000+ content plans & templates you get inside:


Monthly Caption Templates & Content Plans So You'll Always Know What To Post 

If you've ever struggled to come up with what to post that will drive real results, don't worry, we've got your back with over 2000+ in the members vault!

You'll gain access to our extensive library of thousands of fill-in-the-blank style caption templates for digital product businesses, all tailored for profitability. 

Our captions help you to build authority as an expert, offer solutions, share jaw-dropping results, and spark thought-provoking conversations. Every caption and content plan ensures you post with a purpose so you can drive results, leads, and profit into your business.  

captions new
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Monthly Canva Templates To Seamlessly Align With Your Monthly Captions

No design skills? No problem! Effortlessly create gorgeous and on-brand graphics to go with over 5,000+ Canva Templates from 200+collections in the members vault!

Whether you need captivating social media posts, Stories, Reels, Pinterest Pins, eye-catching lead magnets, or professional course materials, our templates will help you create like a pro so you can effortless execute our content strategy tailored specifically for your digital product businesses.


Monthly Reels Content Planned With Captions and Suggested Audio. Plus, Access to Stock Videos & Video Templates Done-For -You.

Not interest in being on camera? No problem! There are over 100+ ready-to-use Reels plans in the members vault, all complete with sourced audio, plus we add more for you every month.

Effortlessly create more engagement in your content with access to our stock videos and video templates.

video stock


Monthly Stock Photos To Create Irresistible Content, Mockups, & Digital Products 

Stop the scroll with our library of 11,000+ exclusive Stock Photos in the members vault. These images can be used in any design project, from posts on social media, your website or newsletters, your product mockups, and even client projects. 

The top categories we cover are business, education, lifestyle, fitness, digital product mockups, travel, finance, family, friends, home and so much more.

Simply access our library, choose the photos that speak to you for whatever project you're working on, and download them whenever you need.


PLR Templates with Resale Rights to Boost Your Income by Reselling

Building a profitable business takes time, effort, and resources, which is why we're excited to share our newest exclusive perk to members  –  Resale Rights on 20+ PLR Templates in the members vault.

Keep 100% of the profits when you sell one of these PLR templates or add them to one of your offerings to increase its value.

When you join the Profitable Content Membership, you're not just gaining access to content templates – you're also opening up a new stream of revenue!

plr resell


Masterclasses for Growing Leads and Profit in Your Digital Product Business 

You'll be gaining access to over 40+ Masterclasses in the members vault where we provide you strategies for you grow your leads, save precious time, and make more money doing what you love!

All masterclasses are recorded and added to the member vault every month so you can access them at your convenience whenever you need a burst of inspiration or guidance.

As a member, your input matters and you're regularly asked to share with us your favorite insights or any topics you'd love to see covered in future masterclasses too.

Have you been keeping count?
That’s over 18,000+ content templates, giving you everything you need for unstoppable growth!

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(Free for Annual Members, Regularly $350)


Bonus 1

Welcome Email Templates & Masterclass Bundle

($50 VALUE)

Set up your welcome email funnel and get a converting trip wire offers up and running.


Bonus 2

14 Stories That Sell Templates & Masterclass

($50 VALUE)

14 amazing template sets and a video masterclass that will transform your Stories into high-converting content.

Bonus 3

Black Friday Sales Templates & Masterclass Bundle

($50 VALUE)

Pre-planned templates and a masterclass for setting up your holiday or Black Friday Sale.

Bonus 4

Ultimate Reels Starter Kit with Templates & Masterclass

($50 VALUE)

Reels kit with Templates and Masterclass including Instagram reel prompts, music, captions, and templates for 10 days of engaging content.

Bonus 5

Content Playbook Template & Mini-Masterclass

($20 VALUE)

 This playbook and mini-masterclass is for streamlining your content creation process and improving productivity.


Bonus 6

Business Goals/Planning Templates & Masterclass

($30 VALUE)

Get organized and achieve your business goals with Templates & Masterclasses that helps you plan your entire year effectively.


Bonus 7

Evergreen Product Email Templates & Masterclass

($50 VALUE)

Set up an automated product email funnel and get a converting product selling on autopilot.


Bonus 8

Profitable Webinar Script Template & Masterclass

($50 VALUE)

Create your own sales-driven webinar with a step-by-step masterclass that includes a word-for-word script template to customize.

What Our Members Say

I just used some of the new yoga & fitness stock photos on the sales page of my FIRST funnel ever!! I am so elated! It looks amazing.
I couldn't have done this without the Ivory Mix membership....all of the knowledge I've gained from the workshops, all of the beautiful photos...feeling really grateful right now! Thank you Kayla! ????????‍♂️????????
Mikah from

A few clicks to change the templates and a few swapping of words for the captions and I had 2 weeks scheduled in about an hour!

As a working mom, I have so many things vying for my attention. I needed to remove something from my plate. Thanks for making things easy. ❤️

Jen from


Before getting started, I wasn't sure if I would need that many photos and templates. But, I've needed a lot more for my Instagram and Pinterest marketing than I thought and it's made marketing so much easier

Your stock photos are gorgeous and I love that your models are women of color. You're membership made me feel more confident to make so much more content!

~ Karyn from


"Okay, But Is this for me?"

This is for you if you're a:

Digital-product Creator

Blogger, Content Creator, Affiliate

Course Creator & Educator

Coach, Consultant, Strategist

Service-Based Online Entrepreneur

VA or Social Media Manager

Graphic Designer / Web Designer

You know your business best and have the knowledge to make the best decision for yourself!

Choose from one of these flexible payment plans:


$67/ 3 MONTHS

100+ Monthly Photos & Canva Templates

Monthly Content Plan With 30 Caption Templates

Monthly Reels Content Plan

PLR / Resell Products & New Additions

Masterclasses & New Additions

Unlimited access to 18,000+ Downloads in the vault & a members-only FB community


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100+ Monthly Photos & Canva Templates

Monthly Content Plan With 30 Caption Templates

Monthly Reels Content Plan

PLR / Resell Products & New Additions

Masterclasses & New Additions

Unlimited access to 18,000+ Downloads in the vault & a members-only FB community

Bonuses: 8 Profit Boost Bundles
(Reg. $350)

1) Welcome Email Bundle
2) Stories that sell bundle
3) Black Friday Sales Bundle
4) Reels starter Bundle
5) Content Playbook Bundle
6) Business Goals/Planning Bundle
7) Evergreen Sales Funnel Bundle
8) Profitable Webinar Bundle

Savings of 30% compared to the Elite Plan!

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Hey! I'm Kayla, founder and CEO of Ivory Mix

I know the painful truth that launching an online business, marketing, and scaling it is hard to do alone. There are very few places that offer all the resources, support and answers to help business owners grow their brand.

It's the mission of Ivory Mix to obsessively make it easy and fun for business owners of all types to grow traffic, leads, and profit without the hours of work and overwhelm.

I've tested countless marketing ideas, growth strategies, and various templates for scaling businesses and then provide them to you under simple and easy to use resources.

You can breathe a little easier and feel a lot more confident in your marketing knowing you're staying true to your purpose and saving a lot of time because you've got Ivory Mix on your side.

Kayla Butler headshot Ivory Mix

Frequently Asked Questions:

I encourage you to browse our photos collections and categories here and ourCanva templates here. We have some key main categories and cater to these niches often: Business, Finance, Home/Organization, Friends, Family Parenting, Education, Health, Fitness, Wellness, Creative Hobbies, and Digital Products / Mockups. We also get creative and incorporate other ideas into each one like pets, beauty, holidays, seasons, and travel.

Yes. You can create anything from eBooks to t-shirts and sell them in unlimited quantities. read more about our simple license here.


Yes, the membership is perfect if you're a web-developer, graphic designer, or virtual assistant.. read more about our simple license here.


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Start growing, transforming and profiting from your content today!

The most comprehensive content membership of stock photos, Canva graphic templates, captions, and marketing resources built to empower busy creative entrepreneurs so they can easily and confidently create content that grows traffic, leads, and profits in their business.