Ready to finally launch

your signature program, sell out, and grow revenue on repeat?

The Level-Up Launch Accelerator my proven process for launching a signature online course, membership or coaching program. I will show you how to build the offer, grow demand, and sell out. Then we scale it by turning on your automated evergreen funnels and sales machines for repeat revenue in your business.

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Finally, build and scale one signature offer while you grow an ideal audience and authority with ease!

Who is the the Level-Up Launch Accelerator for?

Beginners just now starting an online business

Bloggers looking to monitize their knowledge and skills

Digital Product Creators looking to scale with a course, coaching program or membership

Coaches who want to serve more and make more with group programs

Content Creators ready to launch a course, coaching program or membership

Online Course Creators ready to scale and build funnels & profit

Service Providers looking to transition from the 1:1 grind

Creative Experts ready to monitize their knowledge and skills

This is for you if you're ready to stop playing small and want to launch your one signature money-making offer.

The Level-Up Launch Accelerator is right for you if...

  • You're a Creative Expert who wants to build a signture program with  funnels that builds a profitable business using simply your knowledge and expertise.
  • You want to build a business without the overwhelm of multiple products and funnels.
  • You are a  Blogger, Content Creator, Online Course Creator, Coach, Online Service Provider or Digital Product Business who wants to start an online course, membership, or coaching program.
  • You don't necessarily want to launch a course, membership, or start a group program, but would rather launch a single digital product, 1:1 coaching or an agency, or a service, this program and the methods can work for you too.

Are your finally ready to master your craft and be less stressed about your business?

Ready to grow your business like I've grown mine with one signature offer?

My Signature Offer Brings in 4 figures of daily sales & 5 figure months(& growing)

Skip ahead and learn faster than I did!

I've grown and scaled my business over many years of hard work and lots of lessons and learning, but you get to skip all that and learn exactly what you need to to achieve these results with my proven system much faster than I did!

with one signature offer, my audience continues to grow at record rates

I've learned that you don't need to create content everyday on Instagram to grow and scale a thriving business. What you need is a proven sales process and funnel strategy and that's what I teach in the Level-Up Launch Accelerator. 

Imagine having one incredible signature offer  & zero stress while you bring in daily sales! 

Imagine being a more relaxed version of yourself with revenue on repeat! 

Want a special invite to save $500 on my best-selling program?

What would a booming business, increased revenue, and reduced stress look like for you in your life and business?

Imagine having less overwhelm, and more time and energy to be a better coach, creator, friend, partner, wife, daughter, sister, or mom..

What would it mean to have the finances and revenue to travel and improve the areas of your life you've neglected, take better care of yourself because your business is booming?

What would it feel like to be the master of your craft and connect with and grow like-minded entrepreneurs on your journey to the top of your niche?

Within the first 90 days of following the Level-Up Launch Accelerator, you will have a repeatable revenue stream and be creating content that brings in leads and sells your signature offer. 

Beginners who start from scratch will shown how to launch the first version of their first signature offer over a short 90 days.  If you've already built somewhat of an audience or previously launched an online course or product, you could see results in as little as 30 days.

Together, inside of the Accelerator, we will :

Build Your Signature Offer

Inside the level-up launch accelerator, we'll be helping you test and build one signature offer. No need for multiple products to make six figures. We can do that with just one easy and simple offer.

Scale Revenue on Repeat

Once you've got your signature offer and ideal audience growing, you'll be turning on the revenue machine to grow and scale

Building Your Legacy Business

The Level Up Launch Accelerator is all about building one legacy business. No need for multiple products and confusing offers. You'll gain the skills and knowledge to build your authority and a legacy for years to come.

Will this really get you results? 

Here's what one of my past clients was able to achieve using the methods taught in tthe Level-Up Launch Accelerator:


Success story

Kelly Harvill - CEO of @Speakingofimages

Kelly launched her very first membership for teachers (her ideal client) over a 3-day holiday weekend in September and over 3 days, she made her first launch a 5-figure launch (over $14,000 in revenue) using the strategies taught inside the Level-Up Launch Accelerator.

But, that's not all. Kelly started from scratch and sold her membership without a website!

But, will it work for you? 

Here's how we will apply this to your business in just a few steps:


Test & Build Your Signature Offer

The program is delivered in 2 Phases. The test and build phase is ehere we build your signature offer, audience, and start bringing in sales.


Accelerate & Scale Your Signture Offer

The Accelerate & Scale phase is where we accelerate your sales using launches and funnels that grow your business like a machine. Scaling your business with additional content and growing your audience and team.


Weekly One-on-One Q&A's. Every Client's is supported. No one is left behind. 

We will dive deep into your specific niche, question, product, do technical tutorials and get clarity on each step so that no client is left behind.

We do this with multiple weekly coaching calls with you one-on-one and with the group via zoom, a  facebook group for daily communication, and ongoing updates to the course modules, tutorials and lessons as new strategies, updates, and tutrials are needed. 

(replays of all calls are provided)

Sounds great but how does it work? 

Here's how we will apply these few steps into simple actions:

Master Your Craft 

Inside of LULA (Level-Up Launch Accelerator), we use my simple CRAFT method to grow and scale one signature offer from clarity, reach, attraction, building a funnel, and transforming you into an authority.

Keep Your Business & Funnels Simple

If there is one thing I know for sure, it's that Creative Experts (like myself) LOVE to complicate things.

I teach creative experts that they can have fun and master their craft, but for a thriving six-figure business, all they truly need is my signature CRAFT method and framework to develop their signature offer.

My proprietary 4,3,2,1 strategy is the framework for consistent impact, growth and sales every day of the week.

Grow One Signature Offer Like Crazy

Inside of LULA (Level-Up Launch Accelerator), I teach you everything I know about building revenue on repeat but with one key difference - You get to skip ahead and learn faster than I did!

I've grown and scaled my business over many years of hard work and lots of lessons and learning, but you get to skip all that and learn exactly what you need to to achieve these results with my proven system much faster than I did!

Features included in the Level-Up Launch Accelerator

Over 20+ On-Demand Video Lessons

You get over 12+ hours of lessons and trainings showing you  each step of the process from testing, building, accelerating, and scaling your offer, audience, and funnel growth.

Weekly Coaching Calls for Q&A

You'll get weekly group coaching calls to get your questions answered. These calls will continue as long as you need them to get your program up and running & reach your goals.

Over 30+ Worksheets, Templates & Scripts

You'll get easy to use content templates, scripts, and worksheets/ spreadsheets to help you manage your growth, content, and business while going through the program

Launch to get your first clients in 30-90 days

You'll learn everything you need to start attracting your first clients on Instagram, Pinterest, your email list, and building strategic partnerships. Past client's first launches made $14k

Ongoing New Content, Versions, and Bonuses

You'll get access to the existing new trainings regularly so that you get clarity on each step. No client is left behind.  You'll also get all new bonus content as it's added and rolled out. 

Private Facebook Group For Daily Communication

Never be left without a place to go for questions, sharing wins, collaborating, and maybe even finding your first clients!

Want a special invite to save $500 on my best-selling program?

List of Lessons and Included Modules

Module 1 - Clarifying your Niche & ICA

We will set you up to gain absolute clarity on your ideal client avatar and what your no-fail offer will look like so you can build a list of leads, know how to best serve your ICA and know the exact offer and price to charge for it.

Module 2 - Developing your Offer

We will cover how to create the entire outline of your signature offer and get absolutely clear around how you will start creating the structure of your program and how to deliver it so that your clients get results and provide testimonials

Module 3 - The 30-Day Cash Injection Plan

It’s time to launch your Signature offer. We will be creating a 30-day sales goal and start injecting cash into your business over the course of a month.

Module 4 - profitable content and Audience Outreach 

This will give you the tools you need to start creating content that generates leads and makes sales in your business over your 30-day cash injection plan.

Module 5 - Creating your Offer 

Once you've made your sales goals and sold all of the your Signature offer, we will start creating it for delivery to your clients.

Module 6 - Delivering Your Offer & Getting Feedback, Testimonials, and Social Proof

Low-tech delivery. We want to keep the delivery of your signature offer very low stress and simple so you can focus on serving your clients and making sure they get results and provide you with feedback and social proof.

Module 7 - Phase 1 Launch Celebration and Debrief

Once You've completed Phase 1 of your Signature Offer and Launch, we willdo a complete debrief of your launch and celebrate the cash injected and the clients received!

Module 8 - Scaling Audience Growth & Evergreen Lead Gen (Instagram, Pinterest, Blogging, YouTube, and Email List Building)

This is an entire section of lessons that walk you through how to grow and scale on social media for audience growth. This includes organic strategies and evergreen methods.

Module 9 - Creating Your Evergreen Funnels

Once you've had a successful signature program launch, we work on any improvements of your program/product and will walk through how to turn it into an autmated funnel.

Module 10 -  Applying Advanced Funnels

There are more than one way to do anything. This lesson and module will show you how you can continue bringing in revenue on repeat without crazy  launches and new products.

Module 11 -  Auditing Your Systems and Hiring Help

Scaling and Accelerating your sales and business may require some streamlining, systems, and hiring help. This will show you how to get your first hires and get the help you need to scale and grow.

Module 12 -  Auditing Your Customer's Journey & Scaling New Offers

Every launch and funnel can be improved. But it doesn't end when the customer buys. This lesson shows you how to improve every aspect of your clients journey and see opportunities for improvement and where you may be leaving money on the table.

Module 13 -  Tech Tutorials, FAQ's & Resources

We've included tutorials to help you get through the setting up of technical items from setting up a checkout cart, building a funnel, an automated webinar, to building a sales page.

Module 14 -  Weekly Coaching Call Replays

No student or client will be left behind. We're giving you two opportunities each week to improve and ask questions of your coach so that you can keep moving forward.

Module 15 -  Kayla's CEO Pep Talk and Methods for Magic in Your Mindset

Many Business Owners, Creatives, and CEO's suffer from a lot of the same roadblocks and mindset shifts. This set of pep talks is there for you when you feel less than great and need a mood boster and a switch kick in the right direction. 

Plus These Bonus Perks

BONUS #1: Audience Growth Academy (Early Access) 

The Audience Growth Academy is a suite of resources, trainings and strategy lessons on for growing your audiences on Social Media and With Evergreen Content.

  • Instagram 
  • Pinterest
  • Blogging
  • Building your email list 
  • and YoutTube

This includes early access to the Instagram Modules that are complete right now. You will also get the rest of the modules once they are released into the Audience Growth Academy (happening very soon).

Bonus #2: Profitable Content Templates, Emails, Sales Scripts, and More

  • Direct Message Script
  • Launch Email Scripts
  • Launch Content Scripts
  • Sales Call Script
  • Sales Page Scripts
  • Webinar Script
  • Webinar Slide Decks
  • Follow Up Email Scripts
  • Webinar Sales Scripts

Bonus #3: One Year Access To The Ivory Mix VIP Content Membership 

Access the most comprehensive membership of Canva templates, stock photos, and marketing resources built to empower busy creative entrepreneurs so they can easily and confidently create content that grows traffic, leads, and profits in their business.

  • 5000+ Stock Photos
  • Hundreds of Canva Templates
  • Hundreds of Caption Starters
  • and so much more

If you're already a VIP member, log into your account as a returning client on the checkout page to receive a credit off the program.

Launch Success story

In November of 2019, I had the pleasure of teaming up with someone to launch a new Workshop Series over the holidays. 

We decided to use my proven audience growth and launch system, and our first launch of this workshop series resulted in over $22k in revenue. 

Over $18k of that was earned in the first 4 days.

The process works if you follow the step and put in the effort to build your business using the Level-Up Launch method!

Kayla Butler - Founder and CEO of

Unlike other programs, The

Level-Up Launch Accelerator

teaches you the easiest & fastest 

methods for revenue on repeat 

Let me introduce you to the...


Want To save $500 on my best-selling program? 

now accepting clients

About Your Coach & The Level Up Launch Accelerator

Kayla Butler

CEO and Founder of

Since 2015, all I've wanted to do was be creative and make an impact on the world with a legacy business.

That meant staying up late, working weekends, and learning how to build something I have never done before.

 Over the years, I managed to go from part time to full time, and now to consistent $30k months with revenue on repeat.

Along my journey, I've learned and perfected how to make this process repeatable and scalable for other creative experts to achieve the same results with their creativity.

I've helped clients make 5 figures in their very first launch and I want to show you how to do it too.

Over $30k/Mo & Six-Figures Annually

Using the CRAFT Method, I have built a business with one signature offer that brings in revenue on repeat. This revenue continues to grow and scale month over month. 

I'll show you how to build this type of revenue machine too

Organic Audience of Over 60k between Instagram, Facebook, & Pinterest  

Attracting and reaching your audience on social media is one of the best ways to build authority and a deeper connection with your ideal clients so that you can fill your business with hot leads that convert. 

In 2015, I started growing my business and building leads on Facebook and quickly expanded to attracting my ideal audience on other platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

I'll show you how to keep it simple while easily attracting and reaching your ideals audience that converts on these platforms too.

Over 1 Million Monthly Views on evergreen Content, bringing in thousads of New leads and Email Subscribers each month

Growing your audience while you sleep with Evergreen content is a pillar of the CRAFT Method shared within the Level-Up Launch Accelerator. 

Inside the Level-Up Launch Accelerator, I am sharing exactly how to Transform your business while you accelerate and scale your authority. 

Don't let these excuses stop you from taking action towards your goals

It's time to take action 

I will show you the way to...

  • Build one signature offer that you love  
  • Build an audience from scratch
  • Create low stress launches for maximum results
  • Build a six-figure business (it's easier than you think and I've taught others who are doing it now!)
  • Build this business with a job or busy schedule
  • Launch with a proven process that could end your 1-to-1 client struggles for good
  • No website or brand needed. We start from scratch

Don't let these excuses stop you

  • Too many interests & struggling to choose one thing
  • Don't know how to build an audience 
  • Too many platforms to learn, I'm busy
  • It feels impossible to build a six-figure business 
  • Your 9-5 job takes up your time 
  • Working one-on-one with clients isnt scalable 
  • You are afraid to fail
  • You don't have a website 

Still Now Sure It's For You?


Frequently Asked Questions


You will always get personalized responses to your questions and you will get time to talk directly with Kayla over zoom (calls) and/or Senior Members of the Ivory Mix Team for your specific business and any help or guidance needed. That said, weekly calls are group coaching calls where all members are available to hop on. Even though it's in a group call, you will get 1-on-1 time during the call if you have questions or need guidance. Each call is not timed and we work through all questions and guidance or coaching needed until we are done. 


Yes! This program is for you if you are starting from scratch OR if you have an existing business. There is no doubt in my mind that it is best to start planning your business with the Level-Up Launch Accelerator. This program is the fastest way to scaling a business to 4-5 figure months and six figure years.

This is hands down something I wish was available to me before I started.

Past clients have launched without a website and made over $14k on their first launch.

+ Will you teach how to grow my instagram account?

Yes! ... and so much more. This program goes way beyond getting followers and creating content. This is a complete business building and scaling system. It includes methods for growing you audience but I dive deep into how to turn followers into clients, and how to turn your content into an evergreen system that brings in leads while you sleep. 


Yes AND No. These are considered 'mini-products' and can do well to grow a business but bringing in 4, 5, and 6 figures will take a lot more time and effort as you'll need a larger audience. 

Yes, you can easily apply the methods within the Level-Up Launch accelerator to all types of products as they are taught to help you focus and simplify a six-figure business based on creating and launching ONE signature offer with a few types of launch methods and content types

Although this program could be applied to your multiple mini physical or digital products, you would do even better and scale much faster with fewer clients, fewer products, using our methods if you made it your goal to create a signature offer that stands out as your “hero” product (the one thing you’re known for that you love and that solves a big problem for your audience - preferrably something you could easily see yourself charging  $100 - $500 for).

The Level-Up Launch Accelerator comes with on-demand video lessons, templates, scripts, spreadsheets, worksheets, and checklists. You’ll get immediate access to existing modules and lessons as well as updates as they’re released

The private Facebook community is for daily communication and sharing wins.

Every week, Kayla will host LIVE coaching calls for one-on-one questions to help you move through the program and launch your offer and evergreen funnels.

Yes. The process is outlined with tutorials and how-to guides for you. We will show you how to get some simple and easy to use elements set up to get started. There may come a day when you need a tutorial for something we do not yet have. The weekly Q&A calls are designed to help with anything not found in the program yet. As things come up, we’ll be happy to create new trainings as needed and build additional resources too.


Should you have questions before purchase and need a strategy session to see if this program is the right fit for you, we would be happy to help. Simply reach out to to schedule a chat.

We have a “No Refund” policy. No refunds will be granted at any time, or for any reason. It is expected that anyone enrolling in the Level-Up Launch Accelerator has done their due dilegence and is prepared to invest the outlined amount of time and finances towards their future to complete the Level-Up Launch program, payment plan, and follow all of the steps and process provided for your education, growth, and success.

We are committed to providing all participants with a positive experience, thus, the termination or refund of your access to the program is discretionary as determined by Kayla Butler and the Team at Ivory Mix. We do not ever consider giving refunds for anyone who changes their mind, changes their business goals, or is attempting to find a way to opt-out of their financial obligation for the purchased program.

The program begins the day you join. It is ongoing for all clients. There is a timeline laid out for you to complete the program and many students will complete it within 120 days. However, you can take it at your own pace and go faster or slower as needed.

There is no rush to complete each step. We will be there with you along the way.

We're available to answer all of your questions about the Level Up Launch Accelerator and if it's the right for you and your business goals and dreams. Please submit a contact request form here and someone on our team will reach out to help wit your questions

Now offering a special link to save $500 on my best-selling program!

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