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By Kayla Butler

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Making the move from employee to digital entrepreneur is a big step, but let me tell you first hand, it’s well worth taking the effort. Working for yourself and building a business around your “personal superpowers” (ie: what you love) is rewarding and allows you to be in control of your destiny.

You probably already know your zone of creative genius, or at least have a good idea. What you're here for is that you need time-saving resources and strategies to help you reach your goals, faster. 

That's what I do...

 I'm Kayla Butler, a former Interior Designer turned Digital CEO. It's been my mission in life to get paid for my creativity and now that I've done that, I've made it my focus to help other creative entrepreneurs, like you, do the same.

IvoryMix.com is my digital home where I serve thousands of online business owners (like you) with resources, training's, and stock photos.

This wasn't always my business. It all started as a hobby crafting blog. 

How did I get here? I have never stopped learning and I've tried and failed more than I've succeeded.

You may feel like a rookie like I did, but it’s important to understand that you’re the boss now. You have control and get to make the decisions. 

Here's what you need to decide:

  • Decide to act like a business owner and CEO (yessss!!)
  • Decide on Your Brand & Design
  • Decide on Your Marketing Strategies
  • Decide on Your Business Strategy

It's time to take control over your work. It’s up to you now how your business will run, so go for it from day one and really take control.

Below are links to the resources, guides, and styled stock photos. 

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Kayla Butler

P.S. I love chatting and meeting with other big-hearted creatives on Instagram, so come and say hi!  

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