Ivorymix is for Dreamers, Makers, & Moguls. 

Ivorymix is a creative blog + studio that provides bloggers, makers, and online moguls with resources, stock photos, and tips for growing their online businesses, increasing their audience engagement,  perfecting their content strategies and creative lives.

We support bloggers and business owners in every niche and business stage.

In this age of digital content and engagement on social media, we want to help you to reach your personal and professional goals while staying true to your art and maintaining a purpose driven business.

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It's our desire to help you maintain that precious blog life balance, be a happy entrepreneur no matter what stage you are in, and remain the creative spirit behind all that you do.... by also showing you how we do it.

Your possibilities are endless (but, you already knew that). We're just here to support your goals with easy to use tips and tricks, incredible and free stock photos, affordable memberships, and even more custom photography, and with as much support and advice that we can possibly give in our creative courses.

It's our hope that you reach your dreams of success while we help you maintain your purpose, your creative spark, and ultimate balance in life and business.


Behind the Scenes


Kayla Butler

Creative Director


James Butler

Tech Guy

Kayla Butler and James Butler are the maried blogging team behind Ivorymix.com.

Kayla is the Creative Director, Stock Photographer and frequent Author, while James is the technology support and general tech guru.

In 2015, Ivorymix first started as a solo endeavor for Kayla. After making progress and having worked with multiple bloggers and business owners on their brands through Ivorymix, her husband James decided to jump in to lend a hand on the tech side and joined the team a year later, in December of 2016.

Kayla is a seasoned Interior Designer and Business graduate with more than 14 years design experience and an expertly developed sense for branding and marketing.

Her expertise in these areas, including photography,  comes from her extensive design work and developed eye while working with firms large and small on many physical and virtual projects all over the United States.

James is a lifelong nerd and tech enthusiast with a degree and experience in Network Security. He was that kid who took apart the electronics in the house and put them back together properly…usually. James spent twelve years administering the computer systems for a small business and currently holds an Associates Degree in Network Systems Administration. His purpose here on Ivorymix has been to help you with the tech side of things to keep your computers and blogs running smoothly, while Kayla helps with the branding and photography.

Together, Kayla and James have 3 wonderful children and besides their work on Ivorymix, enjoy spending time together as a family, taking road trips to Seattle or spending quality time in their Northern California home.

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