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Special One Time Only $7 Offer 

Create YOUR OWN unique & never seen Pinterest Pins

was $22

  • Create your own unique flat-lays and images with your brand colors in mind!
  • Make your own photos with 140+ Props with transparent backgrounds
  • Use the PNG files on any program like Canva or Pic Monkey.
  • Make images for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and more!
  • Includes coffee, food, creative props, tech, and paper props too!
  • There are so many possibilities with over 140 props!

Here's what other's are saying:

"This is easily the best $7 I have spent on my blog. Thanks so much for this kit!"

"I absolutely LOVE these!  They are super easy to use -- thanks to your wonderful instructional video!  As someone who feels "design blind," these are a terrific help! "

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