Imagine Having 12-Months of Content and Captions Planned, Without the hours of work & Overwhelm.

The Easy Marketing Planner is a 365 day content ideas & caption system, giving you the plug-n-play ideas and word-for-word caption templates, saving you the hours of work and overwhelm.

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You know you need to be posting content every day, but you're feeling stuck and overwhelmed!

You’d like to be posting daily in your on social media, like instagram and facebook, but you’re consistently lacking new ideas to keep things fresh.

Once you have an idea for a post, you struggle coming up with the right captions that feel authentic to convert followers into leads and buyers

You regularly go many days or even weeks without posting something new because you’re simply overwhelmed with all the things to do to grow your business

Your passionate about your clients and growing your business, but coming up with enough new ideas for fresh content to post each day seems impossible at times

Something has got to give!

Imagine what it would feel like to have 12 months of content ideas and the captions ready for you to create a new high-converting post each day.

How would your business be different if you could consistently post to social media every day and be posting content that converts? What would that do to grow leads for your business?

With the 12-month Easy Marketing Planner, you'd be overcoming the frustration of never knowing what to post or what to say...

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Easily generate content for each day of the year with fresh ideas and captions

Never waste a moment because you ‘d always save time knowing that you had content ideas and captions ready to post

Stop wasting time and start batching your content ahead of time with confidence

Eliminate the worry and overwhelm that comes with growing your business, because you’d know you have a library of fresh ideas and captions

Introducing the 12 Month

Easy Marketing Planner

A 12-month conent calendar with more than just content ideas and prompts, but includes captions, story ideas, blog post topics and more that will ensure you walk through each day creating the quantity and quality of content you need to grow your business.

Your daily content marketing plan for 50% off! (originally $54)

365 Days of content ideas, prompts, & Printable Planner

Get all 12 months of content ideas and prompts to grow your business and fill your social media marketing plan

200+ Caption Templates & Daily Hashtag Ideas Ready to Use

Getting more engagement and clicks to your links has never been easier with our strategic and engaging plug-and-play captions.

100+ Story Starters for Instagram & Blog Post Topics

Increase your content exposure with ideas for Instagram stories, polls, questions to ask and a year’s worth of blog post topics.

Visual Planner with Prompts and Ideas for Photos and Graphics too

Bring your content ideas and prompts to life with the visual ideas planner. Complete with ideas for photos and graphics to post with your content.

What makes the 12-Month Easy Marketing Planner Different?

Here's why this 365 day content calendar and planner is completely different from the other content planners you've seen:

The Easy Marketing Planner is the first of it’s kind that not only provides you with 365 days of content prompts and ideas, but also gives you the captions templates too! You’ll be well on your way to posting daily.

This goes way beyond giving you content ideas

We make coming up with content easy with ideas for your Instagram stories, blog posts, as well as polls and questions to ask your audience.

Delivered 3 ways: on a Trello Board, in PDF, and Google Sheets/Doc

The tools you use to run your business have to be easy to use! That's why we've developed each of these in 3 formats so you can use them how you need them. OR EVEN GIVE THEM TO YOUR VA.

The adlib style caption templates are not only useful, but they're fun

We make writing captions that convert easy with templates you can simply copy, paste, and fill in the blanks.

Simple to use and implement!

We've made this very easy to use and implement. From content prompts, to caption templates, and ideas for the visuals.

You can consider this your personal library of so many good things that you'll never run out of inspiration to create content that works for your business.

Here's what other content creators are saying about the Easy Marketing Planner!

This 12-Month Easy Marketing Planner will have you creating so much more content:

Grow your leads with more engaging content

  • Get active on Instagram and Facebook daily
  • Have a blog post topic for each week
  • Start selling and converting with story ideas

Start Converting Your Leads into Real Sales

  •  Convert more followers into sales with our strategic caption templates
  • Start showing up in your stories with ideas that develop relationships with your ideal clients
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Stop wasting time and always feel organized 

  • You’ll be creating more clarity and confidence in your strategies each day because you’ll never have to waste time again searching for ideas of what to post again.
save money and time with a stock photos membership at ivory mix

Here's what you get inside the 12-Month Easy Marketing Planner:

Let's take a closer look at everything you get when you purchase your 12 Month Easy Marketing Planner


365-day content ideas and planner

This 12-month content calendar includes daily prompts that are customizable for your business. They can be reused year after year and applied from day one of your purchase.


150+ Daily Hashtag Ideas and Prompts

From #motivationmonday to #freebiefriday, we are giving you a list of hashtags for each day of the week and a content idea and prompt to go with them. Giving you endless ideas for each week of the year


100+ Story Starters (including ideas for polls and story questions)

Creating content for Instagram and Facebook stories is an important part of any content marketing plan. We're giving you the daily prompts to start showing up each day in your stories too.


60+ Blog post ideas

What good is a content marketing plan if you don't have content on your website that builds SEO and trust with your potential customers and ideal clients. These blog post ideas are written in a way tha supports your blogging plan, no matter what niche you're business is in.


12-Month Holiday and Seasonal Content Ideas

We're giving you a seasonal and holiday marketing plan for all 12 months, with content themes so you can plan ahead and anticipate the tr'ends.


Visual Content Ideas and Prompts

Never struggle again while choosing which visual to post with your content. Pick one or more of these visual content ideas to incorporate into your content and attract more viewers.


Did Someone Say Bonus! 

When you purchase the 12-month Easy Marketing Planner, you not only get 365 days of easy to use content ideas and prompts, but you also get ready to impliment captions , a trello board for organization, and a planner to keep your daily ideas organized.

Bonus 1

Save hours with 200+ Captions That Convert!

We've developed hundreds of caption templates so that you you don't have to! 

These caption templates are adlib style, allowing you the structure to create captions that convert, but giving you the space to customize them for your business.

Bonus 2

Trello Board for extra organization ( on top of a version on' PDF's and Google Sheets)

Not every business owner wants to print out this content calendar and planner. In fact, you may want to delegate this to your VA.

We've made it really easy for you to do that with everything neatly organized in a Trello board.

Bonus 3

Daily Business Planner (Printable or Digital in Google Sheets)

Just getting started with your business and need a way to stay organized? We've developed printable planning sheets you can use daily, weekly, and monthly to plan your business and goals.

Not sure you want to print them out? That's okay, we've included the google sheet version as well so you can keep them digital!

Get instant access to the 12-Month Easy Marketing Planner for 50% off!

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We want you to be 100% confident when you purchase the easy marketing planner.

You’re protected with our 100% 30 day risk-free money back guarantee.

About Ivory Mix

Ivory Mix was founded by Kayla Marie Butler in 2015 with one vision. To help support entrepreneurs while they pursue what is truly important: family, a meaningful purpose, and creative freedom.

The painful truth is that  launching, marketing, and scaling an online business is hard to do by yourself and there are very few places that offer all the assets, resources, support and answers to help business owners grow and do it all on a part-time schedule and nearly non-existent budget.

It’s the mission of Ivory Mix to obsessively make it easy and fun for business owners of all types to grow traffic, leads, and profit without the hours of work and overwhelm. 

After years of growth and help from team members here at Ivory Mix, we get to wake up each day and create content for you to use, customize, and learn from so you can achieve your ultimate goals. 

We test countless marketing ideas, growth strategies, and various templates for scaling businesses and then provide them to you under one simple and easy to use membership so you can breathe a little easier, feel a lot more confident in your marketing, and knowing you’re staying true to your purpose and saving a lot of time because you’ve got Ivory Mix on your side.

Saving hours of time while easily creating content faster couldn't be easier!

Is it worth passing up if you are consistently struggling with:

  • Never knowing what to post.
  • Are always lacking the time to get it all done
    Frequently feeling overwhelmed.
  • Forgetting or not even coming up with new ideas
  • Creatively drained and actively looking for help
  • Simply failing to launch your big idea

I don’t want you to let another day, week, or month go by before you start showing up and creating content for your business!

easy marketing planner mockup

We’ve made it super easy, affordable, and fun to solve many of your biggest problems!

it’s time to solve them and get the 12-month Easy Marketing planner today.

It’s time to start showing up for your business with confidence and knowing you can because you have the right ideas to do it!

Here's what other content creators are saying about the Easy Marketing Planner

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this right for your industry, niche and business?

The content ideas & captions are customizable with adlib style templates.

Because they are customizable, they work really well for so many business owners in various industries and niches:

  • Online Coaches
  • Course Creators
  • Digital Product Creators
  • Bloggers and Content Creators
  • Creative Service Providers
  • Agencies
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Product Based Businesses and Boutiques
  • Solo-entrepreneurs
  • Personal Brands
  • Small business brands

Who is the EMP not for?

Who the Easy Marketing Planner might not be for....

  • Corporate Brands
  • Construction Companies & Manufacturers
  • Corporate Service Providers

Can I see sample content ideas and captions?

Absolutely. Here are a few samples so you can see how they are formatted.

easy marketing planner mockup (1)

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