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Grab your Free stock photos

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Grab your Free stock photos 

Just tell us where to email them below.


1You get instant access to over 300 photos in the library, Right now

There is no wait for your free styled stock photos because there's a resource library filled with styled stock photos waiting for you, as soon as you join, you'll be sent the link and password for your exclusive access.

2You get more Free Photo packages monthly, and they're huge

You don't just get one or two Free stock photos a month. Nope. At times, we've been known to send over 70 FREE photos in just one month.


3Photos are Hand Selected and Curated by Members

Every month, we do a random drawing from our members and allow them to curate and select the stock photos for the month - Like Sarah from The Fit Niche .

4You get a chance to win custom photos, and there's a chance to win every month too!

When we do our random drawings every month, we not only let the selected member curate your stock photos, they get to keep their own custom photos (that no one else gets!)- Like Stinson Mundy (our very first winner) from Crawford Adams, LLC.


5They are OK for Commercial Use

That means you can use them on your site and for your brand many different ways without worry. Read your complete license here.

1Be our Inspiration by filling out a Survey or joining one of our team color boards

When you join, you can go to the Ivorymix Pinterest Account and ask to join one of our Pinterest Color Board Teams. These boards provide color and prop inspiration for our photo shoots.

Also, provide input about your brand in this survey to influence the look of one of next month's stock photo packs.

See our other team boards HERE

Seriously, grab these Free stock photos! 

We'll immediately send you access to the full library.



Hear From Other Members

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Chantel ArnettChantel ArnettBlogging With a Smile

Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing free stock photos!  They are on point for so many reasons - fresh, fun, and fabulous!  I LOVE the variety, the colors and the cohesiveness of the brand packages.  It's easy to think of so many ways that they can be used - not only by bloggers, but for anyone on social media these days. With the current Pinterest craze and with everyone looking to build a brand on Instagram, your stock photos are one of those things that makes building your biz easy and fun.  You are so generous, not only with your amazing photography talents, but also as a person.  It is so obvious to me how you listen to 'your people' and give the gift of your photography abundantly from the heart.  Thanks again!

Julian PalmerJulian

I will always continue to use and refer my clients to use the Ivorymix collection of pictures. Not only is it feminine and speaks to the entrepreneur who wants to bring across a message or feeling, they are beautifully made and of high quality. Ivorymix collection of pictures is different from any other stock photo site because she carefully creates images that any female entrepreneur can use in whatever stage of her business. I highly recommend that you use these pictures if you want to stand out from the crowd on your blog and/or  social media sites."

Nicole Boucher Nicole Boucher Nicole Boucher LLC

Kayla's photos made it so much easier to relaunch my website and keep it cohesive with my blog and social media! I love the variety of colors (that expand outside of the world of pink!) and the breathing space in her flat lays. I was easily able to crop and resize to fit my website theme + create beautiful blog graphics.


Additional Stock Photo Features:

Plenty of white space to overlay your text

Feminine and Colorful Blog images

Immediate Zip files for download (3 - 10 mbs per image)

Perfect sizes for editing to use on Social Media and Instagram

FREE and Okay to use commercially. (Read the License)

No photo credit or attribution required.

If you Take Our Survey you can provide input into the look of our next stock photo pack


Go for it and grab these Free stock photos! 

We'll immediately send you access to the full library.

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