F.A.Q. – Having Problems logging in!

We sometimes get lots of traffic to Ivorymix – particularly on email days to our Free Stock Photo Library.

If you are having any issues logging into the free library – we usually find that the problem is solved by trying a new browser or finding that an extra character (like an extra space) sneaks in to the password.

Here are a few tricks we’ve found that solve the issues you may be experiencing:

  • For password problems, please try typing it in exactly.
  • Do not copy and paste. Sometimes copy and paste grabs extra blank characters that make the password not work.
  • For Download or Page loading problems, try another browser? Sometimes things work better in chrome or Firefox instead of in explorer/edge. So, if you are using explorer/edge, try google chrome instead?
  • Still having an issue? Try clearing your browser history / cookies and try the above again.

We are appreciative of your input and any help with figuring out login issues if the continue. Usually these steps above fix the issues.

Return to the free library login page.


The Ivorymix Team